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    If you are Wing T you need to attend the Pittsburgh Nike Clinic this year. It is so good I plan to stay overnite and attend for two days. Feb 26-27-28. The program is great and I hope to spend some time with young Nick Sabin. The last time I saw him was 1970 when he was the Q B for Monongah W Va H S. I just watched some cut ups of River Hill H S in Clarksville Md. There coach Brian Van Deusen started to come to camp with his Dad who was the H ead Coach and Brian his asst. His Dad moved up to A D and named Brian the head coach 10 years ago has a record of 100-18--They were the State Champs in Md in 07 and 08. Forty-40 consecutive wins.
    He will be talking for 3 hours on Sat Feb 27 from 9 A M to 12.
    His clinic topic is Wing T--The jet and rocket sweep Series.I just watched his tapes of Advanced Jet-Rocket Series
    2.Fakes and key breakers
    4.Passing game.
    5.Pistol Formation--Rocket Series.
    I plan to stay the nite before so I am well rested for Brians Talk.
    Chuck Klausing

  2. Default Brian Van Deusen Wing T lecture

    More on Brians Clinic talk.
    Jet-Rocket Sweep Series
    From Wing-T to single back Jet Rocket Attack
    Philosophy--one back attack.
    Base Jet-Rocket Sweep Series
    Sweep series
    Rocket Sweep
    Inside runs
    Midline Option
    Counter XX
    Rocket Counter
    Rocket Toss Counter
    Passing game
    H B Pass
    Jet Waggle
    Rocket Counter Pass
    Screens and Draws.
    I have seen his tapes and he is for real.
    10 years,100wins and 18 loss
    State Champs 2007 &2008
    40 consecutive wins.
    Chuck Klausing

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    Seem like it's going to be good. I may attend if I feel better after surg. I feel bad I missed the one that Coach Mcdonald done a few weeks ago.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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