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Thread: Wing-T Innovations

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    Default Wing-T Innovations

    Was curious where people stand on this issue.... Chime in and please provide feedback b/c I am looking for some insight from all of the great coaches on this board.

    It seems to me like so many coaches are different when it comes to their versions of the wing-t. Some remain loyal to the old-school Delaware 100-900 formations and still run buck sweep series/belly series/down series/etc... I've heard other coaches say this doesn't work anymore and that these formations are obsolete b/c teams were overloading the TE/Wing and forcing you to run weak (and the formation was lacking in running weak outside). They said you have to go to a double wing look these days. Additionally, some teams are moving to a shotgun and running wing-t (and even sprinkling in some spread into their packages). Lastly, I see a lot of teams that are adding new ways of getting to the perimeter such as jet sweep, rocket sweep, and belly/down sweeps.

    Was wondering if it is necessary to have all the different ways to get outside (or should you just pick one or two)? How much is too much? Are we becoming more spread oriented? Should coaches that are moving into shotgun and passing more just go to a spread offense? Thoughts?

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    I am by no means one of the great coaches that roams this board. But here is my take anyway. I believe that you have to fit your system to your players. The Wing T is so versatile yet so simple. For me, if I have 3 stud RB's, I am going to run Buck, Trap, Belly, Jet, Rocket etc. If I am blessed enough to have a good QB, I might get into the shotgun and run the SAME run schemes, but have the ability to throw it around.

    It all depends on what you are comfortable with, and what players you have in your system. My personal take is that the more ways you can run the same stuff (Trap, Belly, Power, Jet, etc.) from different looks (100/900, Double wing, Gun) the harder you are to defend. In Georgia, playing 4A football, it is hard to just line up and run over someone if they over play the TE/wing from 100/900 unless you are just BETTER than they are. So we have to be a little more creative with formations, motions etc.

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    I have to agree. Taylor your system to your talent. And you can ask any coach here ... who runs everything? Probably no one. We were a belly/down/buck team, but we threw in rocket out of our down package. We ran down sweep, but didn't run down option. We ran jet but no rocket. When we ran rocket, there was no jet. We did this while keeping our passing game to 3 3-step plays and a screen. I'm sure if had the passing game, we wouldn't be running jet or rocket.
    I would start with the base package and see what we can handle from there.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Here comes the wisdom of a guy who has coached the 7th grade for six years: I feel that is gets easier and easier to get away from the traditional Wing-T.

    Before I had a really good handle on the Bucksweep, Belly, and Down, I was putting in Jet and Rocket. I was excited about formations, and trading/shifting.
    As I started to read in more depth, and attend Tom and Dave's clinics and camps, I started simplifying. I found myself focusing more on details from the Buck and Belly series. I heard myself yelling, "A good fake is worth two good blocks!" (Thank you Gerry Gallagher).

    The "basics" must be the focus. You HAVE TO make sure that your QB carries out his fakes, and so do your RBs, before you decide to add the Belly Sweep (or shotgun or Jazz passing series). Teams do adapt to your Wing-T, but they adapt a whole hell of a lot better if you don't make sure that your foundation is sound. The Rocket Sweep is SWEET. I love it, and I'm not exaggerating. Still, we won't toss the ball once until we've solidified the Buck and Belly series.

    The innovations, as Coaches Williams and Metz have mentioned, can help you use the talent that you have on board. I agree 100%. Still, I'll run the Buck series even with a mediocre FB. If my HB does his job, and my QB performs his fakes, then my mediocre FB will still make hay up the middle, even if he never busts one for a big gain. The innovations, and all the benefits that come with them, will help you get an edge over that team from your league that faces you every year. Just running the base plays with a big emphasis on detail might get the job done, however, especially if you've gotten away from those plays while putting in your innovations.

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    Default "Basics"

    It's really all about engineering: Have you ever tried to build a structure that had a weak foundation? You won't go very high until it topples over!

    Tubby never meant for 100/900 to be the idea of his "base" formation. He wanted 3 or 4 different ways to attack a flank based on different formations. That's one foundational block.

    Another would be: What you run, run it well. The more plays/series you install, the less time you will have to perfect each one. What you're doing is what your opponent would like to do to you... but you are doing it to yourself: "divide and conquer."

    Championship Productions has decided to "go through" with the idea for me to do a 4 part instructional series on the "Base" Del. Wing T offense. In preparation for the taping, I've gone back and studied all the notes that Tubby and Ted and Gregg shared with me and my staff on our numerous visits. You guys are giving me some good material to focus on. Thanks!

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    Here is my plan, and I'm not very smart, so tell me what you think of this. We have had a run of some very good linemen. Very good. Big, quick, smart, fast and strong. We are about to have a run where these types of kids are fairly scarce for a while. We've been a traditional trap/sweep/boot/boot pass/belly team all the way. I'm think ing the absence of these type of kids for an extended period of time is gonna have us looking more and more to the jets and rockets and more skill kid oriented things. I just see a lot of linemen that arent required to make nearly as many key blocks as are required in the traditional schemes. I still think what I've been told all along applies, that the Wing T and the angles, down blocks, kick outs and double teams provide advantages for the mediocre kids that the I and other schemes do not.

  7. Default Tradional Wing T.

    Please help what is Tradional Wing T.????
    1.Formations 100-900 Spread 100-900
    2.Series--20s--30s-80s. No down or Belly Sweep.
    3.No Red White Blue formations but added.
    4.No Jet Sweep but added and called Speed Sweep.
    5.No Rocket Sweep.
    Paul Connor Comment--The Line Back off the ball like the TROJAN picture--Use of Shoulder Blocking but not the hands that have been added
    Please comment and correct.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

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    Default It comes down to execution.......

    I believe that you can be an "I" guy, a "Spread" guy or whatever - it comes down to how well you execute the offense. I believe that WingT coaches are successful because we all believe in the "Pay Attention to Detail" philosophy. I have never met a "Spread Guy" who bird dogs! It doesn't matter if you are traditional in the Wingt or a Wings-n-Things guy! How do you teach it and how do you execute it!

    I am more of a Traditional Wingt Coach - we are mostly an 80 Series Team & we will run some 20 & 30. We run 3 step with Belly Keep Pass & Counter Boot! We run 100 &900 but are mostly Red & Blue! We play in a big division in New Jersey with great talent and we have always been competitive with a few championships in the last few years!

    No "D" Coordinators have an answer to stop offenses - D Coordinators will be sound and put players in the right position. It will still comedown to how well you execute the offense! But I love this Offense & I love how we teach the little things that I believe other offensive schemes don't do!

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