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    when you run rocket sweep to the TE/W side, do any of you block down with the wing and te, have the OT kickout and OG lead through (alley play). Or, do you have te reach , OT take 1st man inside TE block, wb take 1st man outside TE block?

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    We used Coach Elrod's count system for both jet and rocket

    Essentially TE has #1 (last man on LOS) ... Wb has #2 (next person outside 1) ... We pulled G and he essentially folded upfield to cutoff pursuit or we felt if he could get "in front" of ball carrier lead ...

    difference between ROCKET AND Jet ... is on jet DT blocks 4i, 4, 5 tech and on rocket the DT doesn't block 4i, if there is a 4 or 5 the DT tries to rip thru and climb to the 2nd level.

    The are many different ways to do this ... but we tried to keep jet and rocket somewhat the same ... We also had a switch call when the TE felt he could not reach #1 then he and the WB switched assignments
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