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    They are Private Two--2--day camps at your schools.
    2009 was another great year. Amherst Va. in camp for the first time was 13 wins and 1 loss scored 608 points but lost in the State Final by 5 points.They were coached by Cecil Phillips.
    My advice is to stay ahead of the cycle. Brian Van Deusen of River Hill Md. reached 40 straight wins. He ran the Jet and Rocket Motion Series from every coceivable formation. He is a great teacher of blocking with the slots and wings.
    My study this year is High School blocking. We cant cut block like they do in college. If you are interested in a Private Camp contact me at my E mail and ask for the attchment on Private Camps. Dates are filling up.
    Chuck Klausing E mail

  2. Default Coach Phillips Amherst Va.

    I just received a season of cut ups from Coach Phillips. I can see WHY they were 14 and 1.They ran the Jet series from more different formations than I have ever seen. They won because they teach their Wings And Slots to block one on one. Hook them In or Push Them Out when they dont want to be hooked. It is a pleasure to see such a great blocking lesson.
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    Coach Klausing,
    I appreciate the compliments that you have for our program and our staff. I am very proud of these guys. Mike Crist coaches our RB's and Mike Padgett coaches our WR's. They do an outstanding job and work their kids extremely hard. I would also like to thank you and your grandson Jeff, without your camp we wouldn't have been as successful this past season. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again this summer.

    Coach Phillips

  4. Default Trick Play Contest

    In the past when we had several teams in Camp we would walk thru a Trick Play with each team. We would have a contest at the end of camp to see which teams ran the plays taught the best. May be we should at a Trick Play contest this year. We could walk thru a trick play during the brake.
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  5. Default Hide and Go Snaek Formation

    It is a formation that you can run the Jet and Rocket Series. It is double wing Tight with shoe to shoe splits. The Rocket pitch is easy as it is outside the The wing back.Only block necessary is the Wing Back block on the corner.There is a great pass off the sweep.
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