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    We will be playing a soph. at qb this fall. In the past, we have been a 3 step and shotgun 3 step when it comes to throwing the football. If he is struggling doing this we want something to fall back on. My question is:
    What are your BEST pass routes in sprint out both under center and in shotgun. Thanks
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Default Sprint OUt

    We do it one of three ways. My favorite route is to the single receiver side. In high school our coach always ran it out of the I with the FB and TB leading. The route is what we called a Comeback Out. WR drives the DB off the ball hard and sells the fly route but breaks the route off at about 17 yards and drives back down and towards the sideline at 15 yards. In short, a route working 17 back to 15 towards the sideline. It's tough to stop in Cover 3 because that DB has to play over the top.

    You can also do the same thing and slip either a slot or a wingback (whose in motion) into the flat ( deeper than 5 yards).

    Another one I like is off of Jet Motion to the SE side. We take our WR and run him on a curl route. The wingback in flat motion, selling the Jet, runs a one yard flat route (similar to Cobleighs' Bunch Attack). And then we take our playside slot and run him on a corner route. The WR on the curl is typically the one that is open. We actually haven't ran this one yet but plan on installing it. One of our Wing-T opponents ran this play and in the two trade tapes we got, were just killing people with it. They ran it to near perfection and did a great job with their execution.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Default ? for Coach Phillips

    Coach Phillips,
    1) How do you block the edge? Do you still block it like jet with the OT reaching the 5 tech and the PSG pulling and logging or kicking out the force player? If so, how do you protect against an "A" gap blitz? 2) Is the fullback still faking trap? 3) Does the QB have a read progression or does he throw off of the reaction of the flat defender?

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    Default SetHut

    We use an aggressive step & cup protection. Our FB is responsible for taking the first thing that shows outside of the OT. He will try to log if possible. We will often off-set him in the direction of the play (as we do with Jet) to get defenses thinking about the jet plus it gets him to the edge quicker so he can secure it. I hope this has helped.

    As for a progression, we are going to sneak a peek deep first and then throw off of the reaction of the flat defender. We do something else to open up that area as well and that is to go unbalanced by bringing both SE's to the same side and both on the LOS. Obviously the inside WR is ineligible because he is covered up. However, how many 16-17 year olds really pay attention to that EVEN though we teach it and preach it to them. Someone will always walk out to cover we ended up running him on a bubble behind the LOS and the outside backer jumped him immediately opening up the curl/flat area for either our WR or our Slot. Worked like a charm. I hope this has helped. Coach Phillips

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    Default Sprint game....

    Coach, we had a ton of success this past season with motion and sprinting into our "Stick" concept. Very easy throws, and has a built in run option. It is good vs any coverage and especially man.
    It can be used from under center, in the gun, etc.... It is a very versatile concept and can used with playaction, sprint game and drop back. I know you would have a ton of success with it.
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    My favorite Sprintout route combo is:

    Flood (#1 GO, #2 10yd OUT, #3 Flat)

    The 1 rec route that coachphillips talks about is another that we have noit done but looks good.

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    Wing Raid,

    Could you elaborate on your "stick" concept please?


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    Default Stick concept

    If you are interested in it. Shoot me a pm with your email address and I will get it out to you asap.

    All the best!

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