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Thread: 2 Back Gun Jet Series?

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    Default 2 Back Gun Jet Series?

    We have been running the jet series under center for several years. We have begun running it from the gun and would like to run a higher percentage of our offense from gun next year. In the past few years, we have gotten in gun only to pass or run a zone read series.

    I have recently purchaced Lew J's shotgun wing t materials (not the most recent though). I really like the spread 2 back gun. My question is this: can the jet series be effectively run from a two back set? I believe this would be very similar to the Fly run by Willamette under center -- Red, Yellow, and Green light(they use split backs wing T & Fly no gun though).

    I have found a lot of stuff and on jet run out of 1-back and empty back set (just watch any major college these days), but have found little on the 2-back fly/jet out of gun.

    There may be a major problem blocking the hang defender (#2 in Klausing terminology) unless you flex the SE/TE to 5 yards or so.

    Anyway any advice or possible contact on the 2-Back Jet Series would be most helpful. Thanks.

    Dan Marazita

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    One of camp coaches Steve Schultze from Manassas Va won the state championship in 06 with a wide double slot formation.His q B was 4 yards back and the F B to either side behind the Tackle.He ran alot of Jet to either side and a great jet Criss Cross. He ran trap,belly and power. His passing was play action and Run&shoot.It was not much difference from the jet offense with the Q B under center. Steve is suppose to have a DVD out in the near future. I have critiqued his plan and it is great, It is easy to teach.
    Chuck Klausing

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