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    a coaching friend of mine has be showing me the willamette fly offense as another way to base an offense off of a jet sweep action.... any one else use/ have used this offense? I like the premise of it, working from split backs and being able to attack anywhere...just want to know the pit falls of the offense.

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    We ran the Fly last year as a compliment to our split back veer. The sweep gained at least 6 yards a pop and the compliment plays always got good yardage. We had the sweep, a belly play that hit front side B gap, a dive/trap play that hit the backside A gap and a counter GT that attacked backside C gap. Also several play action passes and a couple of screens. It was a good series for us, we probably should have run it more, but the veer was our base offense.

    You will need a kid that understand that he needs to belly back and let the running back lead for him or else you might be in trouble if he attacks the LOS to fast. Itís a series offense like the wing T, usually when they are taking something away they are giving something up somewhere.

    You can do some pretty neat stuff with the WR coming in full speed motion into the formation. We would bring him in and crack a DE or LB or snap it and let him run a crossing route or a whip route. Also we let him cross the formation to lead on plays on the opposite side of the formation. Or just send him across and put him on a route. I think the fly gives the defense a little more to think about because the WR has more options coming into a formation than a wing who starts his motion basically right at the edge of the formation. Just some thoughts.

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    thanks for the response....the film I was provided on the fly really grows on you. I have always been a T/ Wing T coach, but the fly with split backs provides some answers for the defense that I didn't have before.

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    We are looking into running it from a Pro Wing T or a Twins look. We could easily shift into a splitbacks. I think in the T the half back would be in better shape to lead on the sweep, but our HBs in the spilt back never had a problem getting to the block.

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    We have messed with the formation a bit. Wes Elrod does some thins from reo/loe (his terms). We have used an offset FB with those two formations which gives you a split back look. You can run jet/fly, run all kinds of stuff with or away from the motion. I would get my hands on his reo/leo DVD's and run wild with it.
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