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    We have been running waggle out of various formations this summer in passing leauge. We have run it out of loose & as well as TE/wing sets.
    I'd like to run it from pro-blue & pro-red as well as trips (se with 2 HB's to oneside) formations.

    I would love to hear who others are doing it.
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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    Red Pro Waggle Left :
    1. SE - Post-Corner.
    2. TE - Crossing route.
    3.FLanker (RHB) - Skinny Post.

    Blue Pro Waggle Right :
    1. SE - Post Corner.
    2. TE - Crossing route.
    3. LHB/Flanker - Skinny Post.

    Trips Right Waggle Right (Both HB's align right)
    1. RE (#1 Rec) Post route.
    2. #2 Rec - Wheel route.
    3. #3 Rec - Fake Jet/Rocket/Buck and block backside edge.
    4. LE - Skinny Post.

    Denny Dierick

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    Thumbs down waggle

    Chris: Try "waggle switch"... with the SE and FB! It worked great for us in passing league cuz an ILB couldn't cover our FB out of the backfield and then go deep to the corner! Substitute a speedy back at FB if you need to... and get him through there and up the field quick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Lew J
    Chris: Try "waggle switch"... with the SE and FB!
    This might be obvious, but the SE hits the flats since the FB is going deep, right? Thanks.

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    How do you teach the split end's pattern on the waggle? We have tried different variations of the post corner, corner, fly, v-out, etc. How many yards? How many steps? What kind of split? We almost never throw it to the split end. I don't think its being timed up well. Thanks.

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    Try Waggle @ 5. The TE will run through center field & the FL will drag undeneath at a depth of 8-10 yds. The QB will pull up over the tackle at a depth of 6 yds after the fake to the HB & looks down the middle (TE) to Drag (FL). The front side guards pulls & kicks out & you can keep the FB in to block the vacated guard area instead of releasing to the flat. The back side guard & tackle step & cup.

    My favorite waggle out of trips was the following:

    #1 - 10 yd. loop out
    #2 - flag
    #3 - fake sweep & block back side

    We also did it from empty with the back side #2 running a drag & #1 running a back side post.

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