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Thread: Midline Option vs. what fronts?

  1. Default Midline Option vs. what fronts?

    Thinking of adding the midline option to our attack. I know it is geared vs a 4-3 front with strong DT in a 3 tech. However, we see more 3-5, 5-2 Pinch DT's, and 5-2 slant fronts.

    My question to those of you that run it - are you having success running it against the different odd fronts?

    If so - how do you block it?

    Thanks ahead of time for your comments.

    Good luck this fall.

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    Default Midline

    Coach: (not to sound "nasty"!) but... what is the point of adding a play/series to your offense when it will run right into the teeth of the defenses that you see most often? You need to know what plays/series are best suited to attack the Odd fronts that you see most often to take advantage of what they give you.
    If you are considering adding a play/series I'd suggest: a couple of "Trick" plays or concentrate the time you would've spent on the midline to polishing your passing game.
    Just my thoughts.

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    Last year, was our first time running Midline. We ran it against all fronts. It became one of our most successful plays. It's another way to get your QB involved in the run game. We had a solid center which allowed us to run this play against odd fronts, effectively. This year we may have to double the nose with the PSG. Our best version of Midline is something we call "Mid Blast." We had our back in Jet/Rocket motion insert through the B gap to lead block for the QB. Basically, if the QB got a keep read, this play became a QB Belly. Midline used in conjunction with Trap, creates a great deal of conflict for the DTs. Big fan of this play.

  4. Default Dive Option

    I would suggest a B Gap option (ISV) when facing odd fronts. You have this go along with our C Gap option (OSV). With the ISV against a 3-5 double the nose on to ILB, PST down to nearside LB, Use same blocking rules as sweep with the DE. Make that 5 Tech adjust. It can be a fun game. Once the DT and DE flat line hard against the inside and outside Veer, run sweep. They will be coming right into the down zones andmaking for an easier block and cleaner edge.

    Against slanting teams with odd fronts, especially pinching DT's, ISV and OSV to the back side or away from the motion. For example, if you have a 3 tech DT on your left side, motion the HB on that side to the right, and VEER it back at that left side.

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    Midline is a great play versus 5-2 IF your center can handle the NG one-on-one. The "read key" (DT) has to come down 2 gaps to tackle the FB.

    Rules for Midline Right :
    RT Block 1st man on LOS outside Read Key (DE) (Blocking for the QB)
    RG Block PSLB to BSLB. (Do not chase PSLB)
    C Block NG anyway you can get him. (Get a body on him)
    LG Cutoff BSLB.
    LT Seal & wheel (Reach step inside looking for any "B" Gap run thru ; no one
    there pivot on inside foot and protect QB rear).
    RHB Hard motion to heels of FB & go "deaf" to the cadence. When FB
    "twitches" plant and insert on PSLB to Safety.
    FB First step with backside foot (Left foot) to open up the pocket on your
    2nd step. Versus an "Odd" front aim for the playside cheek of Center. If
    you get ball cut off the block of the Center.
    LHB Pitch route.

    Note - Versus an "Odd" front, if the D-Line slants with motion by RHB and QB happens to pull the ball, there is a huge/tremendous cavity to run thru !!

    Denny Dierick

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