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    With the season either beginning or a few weeks away, I was wondering how other coaches do their install/review. Do you guys go by series (buckseep, trap, XX, waggle), then belly, then power or jet etc? Do you go by your bread and butter plays first then the rest of plays as they come in? Do you try to have everything in by the first game or scrimmage? Just looking for what others are doing.

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    We should have everything in by week 3. We installed the belly series this week, trap/sweep/boot next week. Bits and peices after that. We won't get in a hurry. But we definitely go by series.

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    Coach we try to install the basic plays in each series first. For example, if we are installing the twenty series we will put in Sweep, Trap and Waggle. Most of the pressure is on the O'Line Coach (Me) to teach the various blocks and techniques. The last few years we installed out teen series (which is jet) less
    techniques up front. That's just my opinion.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    this is our 3rd season of running wing-t and year 1 we focused on the 20's and belly game, with 3 step and sprint out passes.
    Last season we focused more on the belly series and I don't know really why that change was made.
    This season were back to 20's then 80's, with power and jet being the end of week 2.

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