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Thread: What are the 5 best plays against a 4-4 Defense?

  1. Default What are the 5 best plays against a 4-4 Defense?

    Just wanting ideas here, we see alot of straight up 4-4 defenses and I like to Run the X-Block or Belly series against this, but am really trying to see what all of you might run against it. Thanks in advance!

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    If the DT is a 2 or 3 tech, I like X-Block--to the tight end has worked for us. Jet and jet pitch with a split wide reciever (who can block) has worked well for us against a 4-4 cov. 3

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    I agree with Coach Sade on XB to TE side. We flip the wing and halfback in 100/900. Run belly to TE and buck sweep to split end. We cut the SE to a nasty split and he cracks OLB. FSG kicks CB. The play usually goes much wider than normal. The FB fake and wider path make it tough for PSLB to get involved. BSG usually ends up on FS.
    Make sure to use the "flex" rule with the TE. If the de will flex to five or six can run down as well from good old 100/900 if TE can seal the PSLB.
    Any time our TE is covered by a DE we teach him to flex as far as he will go with.

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    This is a front our team drools over. Bucksweep and the trap/gut are the bread and butter for us. We started going jet to the split side and the gut/trap off that. Belly keep or belly option have been good too. With the cover 3 shell behind it, well go 4 vert and half roll the qb. That usually makes the safety go with him and opens up the fly route going down the backside hash.

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    Thanks for your ideas. I was thinking along those lines, but I am glad to have the reassurance from guys who know what they are doing. Thanks!

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