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Thread: best plays vs 5-2

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    Default best plays vs 5-2

    Playing a very good team that has great size and speed on defense. They are stronger and faster than us. What plays do you beleive in against a 5-2.

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    Default 5-2

    Coach: It all starts with the #3 defender.... particularly to the TE/WB flank. You have him outflanked. Put your TE/WB into the short side of the field and "dare them" to put their strength; i.e., S/S or roll the CB up to that short side. Until they do, we run Buck Sweep till they make an adjustment.
    Also, 32/38 Power with the double team on the DT over your OT.
    Once they adjust to your TE/WB flank, you have Buck Sweep with you Wing to the SE side; FB Trap that way, and the Belly package.
    I'd stick to the basics; execute and try to control the clock. And oh yes... throw a couple of play action passes to keep them on their toes.

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