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Thread: Offensive line communication?

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    I was curious how do you guys have you offensive line communicate with one another at the line of scrimmage?

    My freshman ol/dl group isnít very deep or in great shape so when I have a couple of kids going both ways I have to find away to get them off the field. I donít really have a kid I trust to be my backup guard, so I move my tackle over to guard and bring an extra tackle in the game. Just to make things run smoother I want to boost communication between my lineman at the Line of scrimmage so we donít miss a LB or a slanting DT.

    In the past before we started running the WingT we used a numbering system and called out our blocks at the line. I think I will have to go back to it or something soon because in the second half of our last game I didnít have the same OL on the field on consecutive series once.

    Any Ideas are welcome.

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    wrist coach with the rules typed out for each play works well

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    I think it depends on your rules coach...

    We simply call them out: "Down"..."On"..."Post"..."Lead" etc.

    I know it isn't always an option for people to do, but it helps with our guys' communication and fluidity.

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    Tom Herman has a line call communication system that we have adapted to our system. You should contact him.

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