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    Does anyone run Trap Option? We have a very good and athletic qb who we need to get the ball in his hands and make plays. We have never run option before and Im quite nervous. My question is what is the best formation to run it and is it an effective option series?

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    Coach: In my opinion (based on the trepidation that I "heard" in your voice!), I'd caution you against running any true "option" game unless you 1- realllllllllllly know the option offense and 2- are willing to pay the price for the high risk/reward level you face with it!
    There are a couple of QB runs/keeps that I'd be glad to share with you if you'd like to email me. Too much to write here.

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    Navy has been running the t.o. the last couple of years. They use it to get the ball to the hb's because the play happens fast so the pitch usually comes out quick. Also, it's run to the SE side so it has great perimeter blocking. The QB turns his back on his read key so there is a lot to consider when running this play. Its late to run the midline but you could modify it and take out the reads: aka QB follow. What are your best plays now?

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    counter option is a counter to inside veer. College teams are successful with the play because they can cut block the man they are trapping. They are trying to knock him down and get the ball pitched off the edge. I am not sure how successful this play is at the high school level.

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    Delaware ran it so that they could run the trap option pass, which is the best play in the series.

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