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    We are beginning to talk more about our offseason player development.

    Obviously the strength & speed training is critical, but I am also wondering what other coaches/teams do for skill development.

    For example, we have started a QB program. It is a system approach. The kids know what they need to work on and can go through their drill routine together. Our QBs will also attend at least one summer QB camp with expert coaches that reinforce & improve on the fundamentals we are trying to teach. Our 7-on-7 season will be an opportunity to build on this work. We will also go to a summer wing-t team camp.

    I am interested in ideas for other positions and possible camps that may be available.

    Again, this would be camps/programs in addition to the excellent Wing-T Team Camps that are available.


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    Where is your team located?

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    We are not far from Philadelphia.

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    West Chester has a great Wing-T camp

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