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    With being on Christmas break I've been able to really start watching alot of film, especially all of our tapes from the past year. One thing that I have noticed is that alot of teams (especially the better ones) really don't run too many plays.

    With that being said, I have two questions.

    1 - How many different run plays/pass plays will you take into a given game?

    2 - With those those given plays that you take into a game how many different ways will you have to run those plays, by formation? For example, how many different formations will you run Bucksweep/Trap/Keep Pass, etc.

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    Coach our high school was 8-4 this year with one loss coming to the 2A undefeated state champ, one to our rival, one on a fluke, and one to the 3A runner-up. We ran about 6 plays total; Power, Power Toss, TAG, Jet, Trap, and TAG pass. That was about it. We did have a three step game but it was used sparingly at best.

    The undefeated state 2a champs were very similar; Power, Belly-Belly G, TAG, TAG pass, Trap, and sprintout pass and quick passing.

    Our D-Coordinator said we had too much in.

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