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Thread: Wing T with the I Formation

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    Default Wing T with the I Formation

    To anyone that uses some I formation looks with their Wing T offense:

    How do you blend the two together to keep the traditional conflicts out that you get out of the Wing T?

    At times I know we all have that kid that we would like to put in the I but I don't want to lose the integrity of what you do from the Wing T by putting people in conflicts and having a solid counter game.

    Assume this is an I Wing/I Slot attack .

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    I think this is what you are looking for.

  3. Default wing I

    we are a wing I team. we run trap, ctr trey (tag) and waggle as a series and like it much better from I than flat backs. we also run the zone toss to the wing side and compliment it with the fullback down and the wing counter (80 series) and use halfback pass and keep pass as play action. we can also get in slot I and run toss, fullback xb, and wing counter to te, keep entire offense in series.

    depending on our quick side tackle and our quarterback situation, we have run toss away from the wing some years (if tackle can stalemate DE) and some years we run speed option away from the wing (if agile QB)

    we have done very well with this during the years..looking to add counter criss cross from I wing this season and a tackle trap to fullback to have a quick counter to our toss play.

    we really believe in split and counter flow when possible...we are much smaller upfront than everybody we play, and have been able to win 5 league championships in 10 years with this offense...actually works better now that whole league is in spread..

    I used to go red/blue as base, but always had 1 halfback that was a better runner and 1 that was a better blocker/ receiver...using the wing I solved alot of personnel issues for us..

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    Ram52, do you run any standard Belly/Down to the TB out of the I?

    I like how you still keep your FB running game in tact out of this set.

    Also, can you explain how you do your footwork for the Ctr. Trey/FB Trap/Waggle to make it all fit together and look similar to the defense?

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    we do run xb and down to our tailback....we number our backs (qb=1, tb=2, fb=3, wb=4, I still base things from a fullhouse T mindset) so our line just learns "xb and down" they don't care which back gets the ball. so our fullback down = 36 down with tailback on toss fake, when we have toss really going, alot of times the OLB runs himself out of play / we run 26 down as our version of power O to the TE side ...we rarely have a big fullback that I am comfortable leading on DE's for the true 30 series power plays... using the down blocking scheme works just fine for us.

    in slot we run 34 xb to our fullback as our " belly" play underneath the tailback toss, for us it works just like the "ice" play that jet offenses use...we even have the "ice" pass like the jet offense uses, we flare the tb on his toss fake, bring the wing underneath the tackle just like xb and call the route to the split end.. works very well when teams are coaching OLB's to follow the wing's path, also catches invert safeties screaming up for toss, can hit post route pretty well.

    when I first started coaching at my school, we ran red/blue with jet action...what I found was the teams in our league would slant to the motion to take away our best plays (sweep, xb or down, trap, ctr and/or ctr criss cross) and it was not practical to only have waggle and a reverse away from the slant.
    In the wing I, we often catch slanting defenses off balance by tossing or running speed option away from our wing side...a facet of offense we did not have in red/blue.By using wing/slot I, we get the best of 2 offenses I feel. (I and wing t)

    We open to playside on our tb xb, then our version of the 20 series works off of that, the trap and ctr trey are our ctrs to the tb xb. we teach the 20 series just like you would in traditional delaware/ creehan schemes. Only our TB does a step, slide away from action to time up mesh. QB does standard wing t footwork. (fakes waggle after handoff to trap or ctr trey)
    Our zone toss usually hits as an alley play, rarely does it break outside, but we sell it that way. Our best goal line last year was to go wing over (split end to same side as te/wing) and run tb toss, fb down, qb sneak and keep pass.If defenses over shifted to unbalanced we could run our wingback ctr or toss to weakside.

    One thing we do with our toss that most teams don't (and I "borrowed" this ideas from 2 coaches in our area that have done really well in state playopffs) We ask our QB to lead thru the hole after tossing the ball to the TB. I can't tell you how many TD's and big gains occurred because of our QB screening off safeties.

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    Coach, thanks for the info.

    When you are running the zone toss to your TB off of the FB Belly Series are you riding the FB at all or is it a straight toss to the TB with the FB leading?

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    to the wing, the wing arcs and reaches the force defender, the fullback has playside linebacker, qb leads thru into alley

    if we crack, the wing has playside LB, we crack force, fullback kicks out the corner

    away from wing we call the play toss-kick, the line full reaches, the fullback kicks out the force and the qb leads thru---great play for us last year, so many defenses slanted to the wingback, our outside zone blocking at up the slant and we could get pretty good combo up onto linebacker. it also helped that our quickside tackle (we flip line) was first team all Ohio and had phenomenal feet.

    the QB reverses out, makes dead spin toss to Tailback (who does hesitation or "touchdown" step to let blocking develop in front of him) and then leads thru hole. Vs. C2 teams the QB is to get to safety, Vs. C3 teams the QB is to get corner (wing formation) or FS (slot formation)

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