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Thread: Red Zone newsletter and writer info

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    Default Red Zone newsletter and writer info

    Working on a newsletter and I wanted to know if anyone is interested in being on the emailing list and if you would like to be a writer to submit articles.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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    I would be very interested.

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    I would be interested in receiving your newsletter and writing an article.


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    please email me coaches so I can lock you both in. Thank you very much. I know that I can always count on family to help out.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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    Default 1st newsletter released!!!!

    I posted my 1st my newsletter on my site. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I have a bucksweep member posting some articles in the next one that is coming out soon. Thank you all for your support.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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    Please include me
    Chuck Klausing

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    Coach it would be an honor. Thank you very much.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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    Let me know what I can do to help. I would be glad to contribute in some capacity. Coach Phillips

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    Thank you very much Coach Phillips.
    (Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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