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    Default The Small Details

    Just wondering what you all would say are the small details to pay attention to when going through a season? What are those little things that make the biggest difference? These can be in any area of program development (offense, defense, special teams, weight room, youth program, leadership development, etc.)

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    Default Team Chemistry

    This may be a year round task.A must during the season. It involves discipline,team morale, football family ,tradition and conduct. You have a tough time winning without it no matter how talented your team may be.

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    I totally agree with my WingT buddy Coach Gallagher. You need the kids to buy into your program. Character, Team, Commitment are all words we live by. It truly is a year round process. In today's world where individuality seems to be where we are heading you need to establish a WE not Me attitude. Working as a group and for a group is important stuff!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    I would suggest Coach Lew Johnston book 101 Little Things that make a difference or check out his website.

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    Here is something I got from a high school legend:
    there are four important details that a coach must have in order to win and they are in order of importance:
    1. Morale
    2. Talent
    3. Toughness
    4. Scheme

    Notice two key things:
    1. That talent is not first, but morale is. What this means is you can have all the talent in the world, but if it does not play hard then you are going to get beat.
    Focus on the morale of your team and keep it high at all times. This is a careful balance of recognizing when to work them hard and when your working them too hard.

    2. Scheme is fourth. Some coaches believe that they can out scheme other coaches. This is only done if the other coach is terrible. Which I have not come across very often. What they are probably doing is out executing the other team.
    Execution is what makes or breaks a game. Ask yourself how many times you made a call and it was the wrong one for the defense alignment, but despite this the play still goes. This is because you have your talent playing with great execution. The scheme is not important as what you have them executing. Executing is talent playing tough with a great attitude. Reduce so you can spend a lot of time repping.

    Scheme is important, but not as important the first three. So make sure to pay attention to those. I think they are the most overlooked. I have done it myself.
    Just my opinion,
    coach wright

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