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Thread: Shotgun Wing T

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    Default Shotgun Wing T

    Just wondering if any of you "Wing T Guru's" have installed Pat Murphy's (of Helena, MT) shotgun wing t package? and... if so, what are your reviews of its results?
    Coach Lew

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    We put in a shot gun Wing-t last year with a lot of success. I really gave us the same offense with new looks and gave us some new opportunities. Aloud the QB to be a bigger run threat plus opened up or passing and screen attack. The buck sweep out of the gun was a good play for us.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Default Shotgun Wing T

    Bryan: What was your base formation??

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    TE/wing and se/slot/FB away from TE.
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Coach Lew,
    I bought the 3 dvd package from Coach Murphy back in February. They are very well produced and provided a ton of details and coaching points. Coach Murphy done an excellent job discussing why he incorporated spread concepts into his Wing T and also provided voiced over game clips - giving us visual learners a clear understanding of what he wanted to accomplish.

    Our base formations from the gun will be:
    1. Twins Left, TE & WB right, FB behind LT (heels at 4.5 yds.) QB in gun (heels @5)
    2. (Trey Formation). TE, WB and Z Receiver right, X left, FB behind LT @4.5.

    The main play in this package is the Buck Sweep. From the twins formation, the QB will pre-snap read the leverage and depth of the defender covering the slot receiver. If the QB feels he can get the ball to the on the bubble - he will receive the snap and throw the bubble - with everyone else running buck sweep. If the QB decides pre-snap that he can't get the ball to the Z on the bubble, he will receive the snap and either hand off to the FB on the buck sweep or pull based on the reaction of the backside DE.

    In the Trey Formation, the QB will pre-snap read the depth of the corner covering the singled up X. If the corne is 6 yds or closer to the X, the QB will run the buck sweep to the FB (executing a give/keep read on the backside DE). If the corner is 7+ yds from the X, the QB will audible the play at the line and have the X run a 5 step hitch.

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    what company are coach murphy's produced by? What are their titles?

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    Coach Murphy's website is . Video clips and posts explaining some of the concepts.

    I gave the same basic summary that Coach Stafford posted to my QB on Friday. Get basically three plays from Bucksweep, depending on how they align. We are not going to base out of the gun (I am not ready), but our personnel this season are better suited for more passing.

    Jon C, I don't know the company, but Coach Murphy offers them here: $40 each, or $100 for all three.

    Coach Stafford, is the price worth it, especially for the "Shotgun Wing-T Bucksweep and Criss Cross Reverse Video?" Coach Murphy sounds impressive in his detailed explanation of the Bucksweep, but is sounds like you get his wisdom on just two running plays.

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    From what I gather, Coach Murphy produced these video's on his own. Although I haven't checked, I don't think you can get them at coaches choice or championship productions. They are produced much in the same way as Jeremy Plaa did his video's. I will tell you, and I emailed Coach Murphy and told him the same thing, these are the most detailed and most well produced coaching video's I've ever seen. Although Murphy goes into great detail on the buck sweep and XX, he does mention and shows video clips of his Blast play (motion WB - Belly play) and his TaG play (Dart or Wrap).

    Although he doesn't go into detail on all of his plays, I'm sure all of the wing t coaches on the board can figure out what plays you can run. We're going to run Buck Sweep, Trap, QB Counter, QB Belly, Power, motion the WB and run Jet Sweep, Jet QB Belly, Jet QB Power, Jet QB Counter. We'll also motion the WB in 3 step motion and run Belly with him - with the FB leading through. We'll run Waggle from the Twins set and Waggle Vertical out of the 3x1 Trey set. Also Jet Post Wheel and Jet Curl Wheel from the Twins set.

    Coach Murphy's passing game video is great as well. He's a high school coach that wants to run the football - he won't dazzle you with a million and half different passing routes and combo's and pass protections, but does go into detail on his base passing game and what the reads are. His waggle play is awesome out of the gun. He details the routes and reads and goes over the pass protection. Obviously the FB isn't going through the B gap and checking the LB for blitz, so he has changed the waggle protection.

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    Where can you obtain these videos?
    Would like to take a look!
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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