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Thread: NC/SC/Ga/TN Wing T Clinic Interest?

  1. Default NC/SC/Ga/TN Wing T Clinic Interest?

    Would any coaches in NC, SC or even Georgia and Tennessee be interested in having a free Wing T clinic? I am willing to host it and have it videoed for everyone who comes as well as providing lunch. We have a great venue for it.

    My idea is to bring in several wing t staffs and have a day of presentations along with film and Q and A sessions at no cost to anyone.

    If anyone is interested please send me a PM. If you would like to be a presenter let me know. I would think that we would need to have at least 5 coaching staffs to committ in order to make it worthwhile.

    We are located in Western NC so all four states would be close enough. And if anyone else from anywhere wants to come you will be more than welcomed to join us.

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