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    Do you guys run a quick hitting belly to the split side that uses a quick zone with a lead rather than x-blocking the belly? I would like a play that hits very quickly without motion to the split side with man on blocking. We ran split veer in high school and we hit the line so fast we ran right by people. Our trap play hits that fast for us, but I would like to get a play where we scoop hard playside and hit the line quickly.

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    We run the belly, but the line will call whether they X block or block it man (Ice) especially if we see 2 or 2i on the guard ... The backfield action stays the same, Our FB needs time to be able to read the blocks and go from there ... So we don't want to run the belly as a quick hitter.

    Our FB's will often bounce the belly to the outside and occasionally cut it back to the opposite side. They are FB's because they are good athletes and can make those plays.

    Since, we have allowed the line to make calls on blocking schemes the belly has been a very good play for us.


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    we run a wedge play which has the same concept. And fake down sweep or double dive. It was an effective play and some teams even game planned to stop it and we are not a double wing team!
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