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Thread: Pistol Wing-T

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    Default Pistol Wing-T

    What are the positives and the negatives from running the wing-t from the pistol formation?

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    I'd be interested in this too as I'm contemplating purchasing Rick Stewart's video on Pistol Wing-T, but would love to hear input before ordering. I have a few ideas but not sure how the whole concept would time up...

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    1. Angles and mesh points don't change much.
    2. Footwork for QB, FB doesn't change.
    3. Passing game is improved without dictating the back to 1 side.
    4. Times up great.
    5. Kids think its "cool."

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    I'll echo what CoachWilliams said. I'll add that it makes it easier to get our QB in the running game (He can replace the ballcarrier on any play) without having to rep new timings for everything like we would have to in a true "shotgun" alignment.

    For our pistol set we just back the QB up to an arms length in front of the fullback, and leave everything else the same so nothing changes for the rest of them ever.

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    Does the FB stand or is he in a three point stance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by golf66
    Does the FB stand or is he in a three point stance.
    for us he always stands, regardless of formation. I don't know if we could work our exchanges if he was in a 3 pt stance (Maybe if the QB was REALLY short )

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    I know Coach Erdelyi has some pistol in. We are also adding some of this as we become more of a pistol/gun wing team.

    I think we will be more of a double slot pistol then wing.

    Is sanyone running Guard Trap? Hows has it timed up?
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    I'm also very interested in this topic. My question is, do you lose some of your fullback running game running out of the pistol? I realize you could have the QB replace the FB in most runs, but I'd prefer our FB run the ball with the quarterback we currently have. So do you lose anything running down, belly, trap to the fullback in the pistol? My initial thought is to think it would slow the timing of these plays.

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    Default Negative to Pistol

    I think the one major negative to running the pistol/gun wing-t system full-time is that you lose the deception factor of the offense. We run the gun as part of our offensive package but we look at it as a change up to the traditional package. One of the major advantages of the wing-t has always been its ability to keep the defense on its heels because of the deception and fakes built into the system. You will lose some of that when you go to the pistol/gun. I believe that there have been many times, in the 21 years that I have coached under this system, that we were able to win games against teams that were our equal or better because of the deception in the traditional system. I believe that this may not play a factor when you have athletes that are as good or better than your opponents, but I'm not sure that you want to totally give up something that can give you a chance to win when you may be outmatched athletically.

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    Personally I do not believe it would help to be in the Pistol if you are basing out of 100/900. By putting the QB back to 3 yards and the FB back to 5 yards, I think you lose the quickness and aggressivenes of the Wing-T. It might also mean that you have to put your HB at 5 yards, and I believe if you are running the 20 and 80 series it will throw off the timing.

    If you are looking to spread the defense out by being in Red/Blue, and you are running Jet and Rocket I can see definitely see the benefits. If you are looking to throw more, this could be a viable option for your QB to allow him to gain depth and see the entire field.

    Just my opinion.

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