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    Is there a certain progression that you guys use to install your plays during the spring? What is the method to your madness? I'm trying to get better at this thing!!!

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    We install Rocket first. Then we dive right into the Belly Series...Belly, Belly Sweep, Belly Pass, and T-Trap.

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    Any particular reason?...just curious...

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    Rocket and the Belly Series are our bread and butter. It's in our game plan every week.

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    We install our system by what we call blocking match ups
    one practice we will put in quick pitch / stretch / jet the base blocking scheme up front is the same for all three plays, so as an offense we have 3 plays but the linemen work on one base blocking scheme
    another day we would istall 24-26 guard trap / 24-26 joker / 94-96 guard trap / 94-96 joker these are all the same blocking scheme up front
    the other thing we do which just about everyone else will do as well, is we get our core plays in right a way, these are the plays we will use just about every week
    our thinking with the blocking match up is that it gives our line coach, more time to work on all the looks & schemes his kids may see
    hope this helps in some way
    Joe Sells

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    Decide what your bread and butter is ... we were a down team, we started with down then progressed to belly, buck, passes/screens, specials. By day 5, we had the entire offense installed and just needed to rep.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    On average, how many plays (or blocking schemes) are you putting in per day?

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    We install by series. We do all of our install in a 5 day camp that is 2 weeks before the start of "training camp" . We also have intersquad 7 on 7 sessions for 20-30 minutes twice a week during the summer after lifting to introduce passing game. By the start of training camp, we repeat the schedule the first 5 days. One other thing we do is have a seperate pre-season camp before training camp for the incoming freshmen. Shorter, not as many days, and varsity coaches assist to install everything.

    First and foremost
    DAY 1) Jet Series
    -Keep Pass

    DAY 2) Rocket Series
    - Rocket
    - Add in Wide Trap, Influence Trap
    - Review all

    DAY 3) Power Series
    - Power
    -Counter (off Jet, Rocket, and Power look)
    - Power Pass
    - Jet Reverse (power blocking scheme except BST pulls instead of BSG)

    DAY 4 & 5) Review all , "add" quick passing game, dropback game, screens

    All in all, we feel it is important to have alot of formations, 3-4 motions, 2-3 shifts, and very few blocking schemes.

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