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Coach, Can you explain the "bell step" a little more?

I like the trap right block right. I got the same coaching point from a friend of mine who runs alot of Down and stole it from him on our Down. Clicks alot more for our kids then "head in the hole".

How often are you repping things like sweep drill, 4 corner 90* cuts, etc. to work on your bucksweep? I've always heard that Buck was time intensive but I'm curious as to just how time intensive it is for you guys.
Coach here is the bucksweep drill we use. I do not know where the original link went on my page but this an old link.


We will run Sweep Drill a lot. It will be one of the first things I do with the line in pre-season camp and I will do it with the line everyday during camp.
The backs will do the 4 corner 90 degree cut in camp but not so much in season. The backs never practice blocking enough IMO but they should be working on a good down block several times a week.

In season we will run Sweep drill almost everyday including the day before a game.

I like to run at as a high intensity, high speed drill against shields. ( I do not like stand up bags.) I will run it 5 times each way and I will get after the players ass to do it full tilt, full speed. I want to see bodies on the ground.

I will run it live against a certain defense or stunt we might see. (Slant, Blitz, Hard Force)

The key is to have the scout team do their part. I tell the scout where the block is coming from so there are no blind side hits. Have the scout squat low and "hold the bag like player!" I cheat up the shield holders on the line in the neutral zone or closer if needed.

Here is another thing I do that helps. IMO the backs never get after it like I want so I will but a good kid that never steps on the field but tries real hard and wants to help the team at DE during the drill and tell to get off the ball. It is the Wingbacks job to block him. There is no where to hide and that back better get after it or everyone will see.

NO PEACE TREATIES!!! No hit the bag and stop and go through the motions. Block to the whistle.

You the coach sets the intensity of the drill. Get after their asses!

Because of the Sweep Drill we do not run much sweep during Team.