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    Exclamation books for sale

    Guys, have a few books that are taking up space that I need to get rid of. Please IM me or reply if you are interested

    Notre Dame Football: The T Formation by Frank Leahey
    1949 2nd printing- Missing dust jacket otherwise book is in great conditioning. No markings or highlights
    Price: $12.00 (includes shipping)

    Tiger Ellison's Secrets of Persuasive Speaking for Coaches by Glenn "Tiger" Ellison
    1966- Missing dust jacket but book is in good condition. No markings or highlights. Cheapest copy on Amazon is $75.00
    Price: $40.00 (includes shipping)

    **Wing-T books package deal**[I][U]
    Jim Bouma & John Calpin: The Delaware-Style Wing-T For High School Football
    1975- Missing dust jacket but otherwise book is in a great shape. No markings inside, no damage to pages. Very informative read I havenít seen too many people talk about.
    Ron Carbone: Modern Techniques in the Wing-T
    2008- paperback, like new. No markings or damage to cover. Couldnít find any used copies on amazon and price on coaches choice is $24.95
    TOTAL Price for both books: $25.00 (includes shipping)

    Homer Rice: Lessons for Leaders, Building a Team from the Ground Up
    2000- 1st printing, Hardcover, missing dust jacket. No markings or damage to pages. Amazon used price is $20.00 plus shipping.
    Price: $18.00 (includes shipping)

    OR I will sell all 5 of the books together for a total price of $80.00 including shipping

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    NEW BOOKS ADDED 5/25/2012:
    Nike / Earl Browning- 2012 Coach of the Year Clinic Notes: Lectures by Premier High School Coaches
    2012- Highlighting in 1 article otherwise book is in good shape. Mistakenly ordered this one instead of the clinic manual. With the exception of the highlighting in 1 article, book is like new. Price on Amazon is $30.00
    Price: $ 22.00 (includes shipping)

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