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Thread: Waggle Tags

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    Default Waggle Tags

    What are some of your favorite tags off of the standard Waggle to take advantage of what some defenses do?

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    Default Waggle tags

    We can call any pattern we want for the SE and that/those are a "tag." Then we have one change on the back side: "waggle switch." That tells the TE to drive deep through the middle and the Wing drags across at 12-14; i.e., they "switch." Very effective vs. 2 deep.
    Then "smash" is to the play side. The SE runs a quick out and the fullback goes up and outside deep; i.e., the SE and FB "switch" routes. The fullback is wide open vs. man coverage! It's the classic smash drop-back combo route with waggle action.

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    Our waggle "switch" involved switching the routes between the FB and the SE. Frequently, the COVER 3 CB bites on the SE Loop out and the FB can sneak behind.
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    We run our waggle predominately to the TE side. Our most common tags:

    *Switch- TE and FB switch routes
    *FB Opposite- FB runs to opposite Flats (haven't done this one in a while)
    *Wheel- Rocket back runs wheel route (we put the SE in a close alignment)

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