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    How many of you guys make Down Option a part of your attack?

    We run a ton of Down and I'm wondering if it would be a worthwhile addition to our offense. We aren't a Bucksweep team and really don't have anything to make a team pay for squeezing down the DE on Down or plugging the LB when they see that tackle and TE block down.

    We are also getting to a point where our QBs are going to be pretty good athletes the next few years and I would like to have a way to feature them without overhauling the offense.

    Thoughts on installing it?

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    I like Down Option and have run it some with the right QB. I think that you are smart to see how running Down without Buck can put you in a bind and aid the defense. I doubt, however, that I'll be the last coach to suggest Down Sweep for this situation. There is no read by the QB (like with Down Option), but YOU as the coach would call it when you see that DE squeezing.

    Down Option = good
    Down Sweep = good and easier to execute without players thinking

    Just my opinion.

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    Coach, how would you run Down Sweep? I've seen alot of different ways people would run the play.

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    To start, I've never run it. Fact. I know the concept, but don't have the experience of installing it.

    It looks like Down, and is blocked a lot like down.

    Coach Metz's rules (go to an expert):

    Down Sweep:
    SE: Cut off
    BST: Reach
    BST: Reach
    C: Reach
    PSG: Pull, kick out 1st man past WB's block
    PST: Gap - Down - Backer
    TE: Gap - Down - Backer
    WB: Gap - Down - Backer
    FB: fake down; cutback towards C
    HB: Carrier; turn up off WB's block
    QB: ride FB, hand off to HB; fake keep pass

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    Default Down SWEEP

    I concur... unless you are willing to "ride the turbulent waves" that Option football brings!!! stick to Down Sweep. Keep control in YOUR hands.
    The only thing I would disagree on with Metz's rules are: the play side Guard pulls and LOGS the man outside the Wing's down block. The whole point of the play is that defenders are collapsing on the fullback fake. Get the G out there and "pin" that guy when he closes on the fake. IF... he sits outside, you can show the G that he might need to kick out. But, our success has come in getting outside with our hb.

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    Thanks fellas.

    Coach Johnston, how much Down Sweep did you run this past season?

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    Default Down Sweep

    Coach: As mentioned in an earlier post... we are going to run Buck Sweep to the TE/Wing flank as the complement to Down. That's how we put the DE in conflict to that flank. Soooooooooo... we did not run any Down Sweep this past year.
    However, we did run quite a bit of Belly Sweep to the SE flank later in the year! As we went to our Fullback more and more in the second half of the season, Belly became an important play for us... not a very efficient play but we ran it a lot more than in the past. The OLB to that side was making the tackle. So we added Belly Sweep in the play-offs (played a team we'd beaten a couple of weeks earlier in the regular season) and it went 4 times for 87 yards and a TD!
    I say all that to say this: We block Belly Sweep (and we'll install Down Sweep next year!) and Down Sweep the same way. We block it like Buck Sweep to the play side. We do NOT pull the back-side G.
    I can send you the playbook diagram if you email me:

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    We love running the down keep(as well as belly keep). Same concept as down sweep, its an easy rep play that compliments the down. Option is expensive. We run down keep just like down with 2 changes. 1. psg pulls and logs, backside hb runs deep motion until ball is snapped, then he gets downhill and lead blocks for the qb on the edge defender. very easy, and effective.

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    Coach, how much Down/Belly Keep did you end up running this season?

    Also if you were running Belly Keep to a 2i/1 technique DT would you still log with the guard or just have the PST reach?

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