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Thread: BST & FB on 30s Counter XX

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    Default BST & FB on 30s Counter XX

    What is the BST's and FBs rule on the 30s Series XX?

    I've read where some people reach and hinge the BST, working B gap to C gap and I've also seen where others reach the BST into B gap and have their FB block anyone in the C gap out.

    Just curious as to what those who run the 30s XX do it.

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    Coach we have made a living running CTXX for years! However, we do not block it like Tubby and Ted did. Playside from TE back to the C we block: GAP, DOWN, BACKER. The backside Guard pulls to kick out first unblocked
    defender past the TE block. If the defender goes far upfield after the Qb's fake pull though the hole. The backside Tackle follows the guard and pulls
    up through the hole looking to wall off the inside. We tell all pulling linemen
    pulling through the hole to look inside, outside up field! The FGB makes himself big and blocks area. He hesitates slightly to let the tackle get out of the way.
    Hope this helps.
    Ed Sadloch
    Head Football Coach
    Cedar Grove (NJ) H.S.

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    Default XX blocking

    Coach: We do the "old fashioned" way: b-s OG and TE pull. That b-s OT has to understand that the TE is coming behind him... so he (the OT) cannot get knocked back! He has to drive aggressively into his block.
    We block it with his going hard inside first; i.e., B gap but he may have to take a shot at a 3Tech on the outside of the pulling b-s OG till the C can get there. That 3Tech is the toughest block for us.... but the OT can get there if he comes hard. We tell him NOT to drive that guy on down the line (he's moving towards the ball now!) but to make contact and work his hips and feet so he's facing down the field. It's kind of a inside "reach" block!
    The fullback comes right off the hip of the pulling TE and fills right in behind him. He has C gap to outside--- looking to pick off a DE who may be crashing.
    I will say this: we ran XX this way for years and were verrrrrrry successful with it! Then, I got "smart" and decided to change some things and we started pulling the OG and OT--- not good! The timing for us was "off." I should've listened to Tubby and stayed with how U. of Del. did it. We went back to the "old" way the next year and... BAM!!! right back to breaking it big!

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