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    First and foremost thanks for this great site and its resources. Since we went to the wing T 5 years ago, we have enjoyed the greatest run in our schools football history setting offensive records every year. We have been blessed with some great players (3 straight All State Running backs over 2k yds) but we firmly believe it is the order of football that has given us the ability to be successful.

    That being said, we need to give our opponents a new wrinkle. We would like to learn if anyone on this board runs no huddle up tempo traditional Wing T. We generally stick with down and buck, both strong and weak....and actually would like to learn more about buck weak as well, but thats another thread.

    How do you tag your plays, formations and motions in your no huddle attack?

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    Coach: If you will email me, I can talk at length with you about this. You're on to something good with no huddle!

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