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Thread: National Wing-T Clinic Travel and Weather Information

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    Coaches, Everything looks great for this weekend. Pittsburgh weather is going to be cold but sunny. Friday and Sunday travel should not be a problem for anyone. If you are arriving by plane, the hotel shuttle will meet you at Door #8 in the baggage claim area. When you land call the hotel at 412-269-9070 and they will send the shuttle. You can continue to register for the clinic by faxing in your form and then paying at the door or we also accept walk in registrations. We have added Chad Hetlet from the Chicago area to our speakers list. We feel like we have a premier weekend to learn, connect and make new friends in our football fraternity! Visit for all details.

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    Looking forward to it

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    Don't forget to tip the shuttle drivers!

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    Yeah some guys on the way to Primati Brothers stiffed the driver last year!

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