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Thread: best thing you changed this year?

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    Default best thing you changed this year?

    As I read through some of these clinic notes and reviews, it got me thinking about a question to ask of you all..

    What is the best change you made this year? I would prefer to hear about something regarding your brand of the Wing-T offense but I am sure we would all appreciate any responses whether it be about offense, defense, special teams, strength and conditioning, game planning, practice ideas etc.

    And please, even if you don't run the Wing-T, respond with an idea or two that you utilized this year. Coaches clinics, DVDs, manuals, etc. are great but I believe the best way to learn info that you can immediately use to help your program is to talk to other high school coaches!

    hope all is well with you and yours!

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    I think the best thing we did from an X's and O's standpoint was adding in Bucksweep to our offense. It was a great answer to teams trying to stop our Down play and really key in two of our wins.

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    Best thing we added this year was the quick out.
    1. Great chain mover
    2. Gets you back on schedule when you had a bad 1st down.
    3. Very consistent and easy to protect.
    4. Key is timing so it is best under center.
    5. One missed tackle and TD. We scored 4 times on it this year alone.
    6. Creates a perception of balance to the defense.
    7. Controls the flat defender and as a result also controls the force for the run game.
    8. Keeps those WR kids happy because they get to touch the ball now as well.
    9. Stays within the framework of our FLANK PHILOSOPHY.
    10. Under center is better because it allows the use of a roll step by the QB. Thus making the throw much easier.
    Hope it helps,
    Coach Wright

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    We brought back the Power Series due to having a monster FB. He was the best blocker on our team. Power Sweep worked well due to DEs closing down.

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    Running down weak, it allowed us to become less predictable formation wiseto us it looks like XB, but the OG logs the DE or kicks out the OLB. Had a ton of big runs out of thisfrom 400/600 formations

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    I had to think on this one, BEST things we did was add Tackle Trap and Counter XX.

    The action from our Belly and Belly Sweep left that Tackle Trap so Wide open. It amazed me we could run right up the middle of the field and no defender knew who had the ball. We would hide the tackle trap action a little more by running it out of Red/Blue. This made it more deadly. Teams would just lose the halfback.

    Two years ago we only ran counter, we were a little afraid of the double handoff. This year we had such a good back runnning the sweep, that when we started the Counter XX with him, the flow to keep him from getting yards was so hard that the Counter back always walked into the end zone. We even used this play inside the red zone often. Our worry was fumbling, but we repped the handoff in indy warmups everyday, we had one dropped ball for the season, but no turnovers.
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