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Thread: "TEX" D Line Exchange

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    Default "TEX" D Line Exchange

    OK all you Wing T guru's out there! I've got a good one for you to analyze! Have any of you gone up against the following defense? and, if so, how did you neutralize it? It has befuddled me so I'm throwing it out to you guys for some help, please! It is our biggest rival so I need to find a way to attack this thing. Your help is appreciated!
    It's the old Split 6 look; i.e., LB's inside shade on OG's and both DT's in a 3 tech. Both OLB's are walked up on/near LOS. But... that's NOT the problem! The thing that messed up our linemen (and Wings) was: They slant; loop and "exchange" their 4 down linemen!!! and they're very good at it. It's not just a "gimmick" D that they use vs. Wing T. They use it all the time.
    The stunt that hurt us the most was: DE cheated into the C gap (B to SE side) and the DT cheated out into the B gap (again, TE side of our line). On the snap, the DE slanted HARD inside trying to cross the face of the OT. The DT, though, almost "stood up!" to "loop" around behind the DE and, of course, was higher/deeper than our blocking angles for the TE and Wing. (I'm talking running 121/929 Buck Sweep.) Our OT went hard inside so he "whiffed" on the DT looping behind everything and the DE went so fast inside that our TE missed him. The DT looped around and the only guy who had a shot at him was the b-s OG turning up into the hole. But, the OG was looking for LB... so he missed that looping DT several times!
    Just to complicate things... they will also pinch/slant both the DT and the DE so our OT was never sure which way the DT to his inside was going!
    OK.... I hope I painted a clear enough picture for you guys! Let me hear your ideas!!! Thanks for your help!!!
    IN Christ,

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    You are probably already thought of this but won't ROCKET punish them a ton?

    Load the box--slant--stunt--and the ball is going to the outside

    Other ideas

    Unbalanced Sets
    False Motions
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    Default Tex

    Good point! Unfortunately, we run Buck Sweep 10 times to every 1 time we run Rocket!!! Then there's Down, Belly and Trap!

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    This is the dilemma for Rule-Based or Man type schemes. When they are coming from everywhere all the time, kids get confused, tentative etc. Just a thought, but if you teach Rules with a Zone concept, similar to basketballs man to man with Zone/area concept, then you block whatever dude shows up in your Gap/Area, no matter where he started from. An example would be on trap right, convert it to Base, same backfield action, and have all OL powerstep right and block the threat that appears in their gap. Center to PS A gap, right guard to PS B gap and so on. If no DL shows, then climb to next level. Let the back RTD (run to daylight). If you stay with Rules based, cut splits down and follow your rules, but teach the Lineman to explode into the first "bad "color to show, which could come from anywhere. We used to face a 3-3 stack that came from everywhere every play, but through film study, they were "gap" sound. We started adjusting to more of a block your Area/Rule(gap) than man based and had great success. We now use just three concepts. IS Zone(powerstep and drive), OS Zone(reach/stretch scheme), and Rules based(down/pull schemes.)

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    Default Tex

    Makes sense Coach... and follows your material you sent me. Thanks!

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    Coach we run the Jet with an OZ concept. Our FB checks the hips of the OT, TE and the Wing in that order. It's their block to make, but if they need help the FB bumps their assignment to the next level. We have had D's loop, slant and widen. Our OL must use good tech and know the concept of the play to be successful. I would be happy to send you my clinic DVD's on the subject.

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    The WB should just flatten out his down block and pick up the looping tackle. They just gave you the edge then. PG kicks OLB and backside guard walls PLB.

    Can that looping tackle stop belly and belly sweep?

    Trap seems like a good play.

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    Default Tex

    The Wing flattening out makes sense... thanks! The DT "looping" outside can't stop Belly nor Trap. The problem is: they "pinch" all 4 inside occasionally... which makes our OL hesitant! and... the DT will go first (he slants hard to the C gap) and the DE comes over the top (loops). So the different looks keeps our kids from being aggressive!!! The guy has a great concept! Which I HATE to admit. But keep those ideas coming! I love it!!

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    I don't mean to be obvious but practice against it. Kids need to understand the idea of staying on their prescribed track (someone will show up). The wing-t is actually zone blocking in my opinion. The PSG on Bucksweep is tight to the wing and blocks the first man to show (could be blitzing CB, blitzing LB, DE, scraping LB, etc...). If he focuses on staying tight and scraping hips, someone will show up.

    When a lineman goes to rip inside to block a LB, that LB could fill/blitz or scrape. He needs to know to go backside vs a scrape.

    Stay on path and block someone.

    Same thing with DL. Of course they can twist/pinch/slant.
    If he disappears, stay on your path.

    Walk through all possibilities (especially that look that gives you difficulties). WALK through each one. Then walk through while mixing it up with a scout D. Then jog through. Then full speed.

    I don't mean to be so obvious but rep, rep, rep. Sounds like the D is guessing to me. They can't guess right all game.

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    I bet if you had the time to rep it 10,000 times your kids would slobber knock that stunting d-line. Practice till midnight that week.

    Also, try to have your starting OL be the defense for a few plays. Have them run the stunts vs your twos. They will understand it better.

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