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    We run maybe 25% of our Wing T offense out of the Gun. We presently use the snap procedure of having the QB call the cadence like we do under center. It is his job to time up motion, etc. Everyone goes on the sound of the QB.

    I was watching a college practice a few days ago and they like to have the QB clap his hands real loud when it is time to snap the ball.

    I am interested in other ways to do it that work great for you if you are using the gun.


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    I have never understood the purpose do the clap. It must be a timing thing.

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    One of the only teams I've seen do it is Ohio State.

    I believe I read something somewhere that they use it instead of the hand/foot signal or cadence is because the clap can be heard alot easier in a loud stadium and the center doesn't have the look back.

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    The bottom line is: WHOM (or is it Who??!!!) do you want to "have control" of when the ball is snapped--- the QB or... your Center? If you are using motion, it has to be your QB!
    Take it from someone who learned that the hard way!!!

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    I have used the hand clap when our RB's are in the Wing or tight slot position. I used the leg movement up down set go when our RB's/Rec'ers have been wide. We now use Set-Go. On set the RB's are moving full speed. Depending on their speed, we adjust the alignment of the RB's to hit their landmarks. Although all the things we have done have worked, the Set-Go has really worked the best for me.

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