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Thread: Malzahn Wing T

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    Default Malzahn Wing T

    Guys: has just released a series of dvd's that I did for them. They're calling it the "Uptempo Spread Wing T" or some such thing! It's NOT what I wanted to call them but... Coach Malzahn wouldn't let us put his name on them nor would Auburn allow us to use "War Eagle." Sooooooo.... we were forced to go "generic."
    Anyway... if you're looking for info on how Malzahn has adapted his original high school Wing T offense (from his HS coaching days in Arkansas) into the uptempo offense he's running now, check out the videos. I'm got doc's that I can send you too... and they're for free!
    Coach Lew

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    I just purchased all 4 of your DVD's and I was wondering if you could send me as much information on the Malzahn system as you can.

    My e-mail is and

    Please use both e-mails.

    Ed Pfaff
    JV Head Football Coach
    Parkville High School

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    Default Malzahn

    Ed: I'm emailing you right now!

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    Coach Lew J,, was hoping you could send these docs to me?? Thnx,
    J.C. Hall-Courtland High (
    Hope all is well.

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    Thnx Lew, you da man!!!!

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    Coach Lew if you get ta chance

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    Coach, I would like to take a look. Thanks, Bryan
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    I bought your videos and books and love them. Can you send me that info too?

    matt morgan

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    Coach I would love to look at them as I am incorporating many of those concepts.

    Javier Valdes
    Head Football Coach
    Mater Academy Lions
    Miami, FL

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    Coach Lew,

    I plan on purchasing the DVD's and would love to see your documents, can you please email them to me as well. Thank you!

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