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Thread: folding on backside of belly x bblock

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    Default folding on backside of belly x bblock

    We have been folding on the backside of belly ( back G and T vs an odd defense and C and back G vs an even), but we have had afew problems with LB runthroughs. We are probably just going to zone block the backside (fire-on-backer), but i like using the angles that folding gives us. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The fold block is great for the cutback lane on belly but if you see on your scouting report that the defense like to run through then I would suggest not to fold block for that particular game

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    Default Fold

    Coach: We zone it from the Center back on every Belly! Keep it simple.. keep it consistent!!!

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    Ditto Coach Lew! Picks up 100% of the stunts and any backside stunt is a wasted man for the D.

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