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Thread: belly vs 3-3-5 and waggle vs 6-2

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    Default belly vs 3-3-5 and waggle vs 6-2

    How do you block a belly vs a 3-3-5 (stacks over T's and C) with 2 spurs and 3 DB's?
    Also, how do you run a waggle vs a 6-2 where the playside G and T are outnumbered by the 3 defenders?
    Any (quick) help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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    Coach for your 6-2 and Waggle, we would call "121 Waggle Solid" and make it a drop back pass with the trap/sweep fake. NO pulls by the Guards and Fullback knows not to penetrate the line but skim inside-out looking for a bad guy and then to flat.
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    If you insist on running Belly vs. a 3-5 stack, I would try double team the nose & combo with guard/center to the MLB, have the tackle block on, have the play side HB bock the stack LB, & send the back side in jet motion & kick out the spur. I would suggest you run Belly Bounce or QB Keep as a companion play. Have the play side HB double team/combo the DT/stack LB & everything else stays the same. You should also run Belly Pass with the same action.

    With Waggle vs. a 6-2, only the back side guard would pull if there was a defender inside the play side guard. otherwise, you would follow your rules & both guards would pull. In either case, the QB must expect to pull up & throw ball quickly. Run Waggle Quick to the TE & have the TE run a 5 yd out. You can also run Ct Pass & get the same idea as Waggle.

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    Coach, our base way to block Belly vs. the 3-3 is to use "On" blocking. Our Tackle will base the DE, the PSG will do a real quick combo with the NG up to the MLB (basically a hand check) and the BSG and Center will scoop the NG.

    One thing, however that we did a little bit in our last game vs. a 3-3 was with the Guards & Center. We had the PSG & Center double the NG and gutted the BSG around to the MLB. We didn't run alot of Belly (tons of Down/Sweep/Rocket) but when we did it seemed to be a fairly successful scheme. Something we'll look at next year for sure.

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