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    Our season recently just ended in the playoffs and we lost to a spread team. As I go through film, i am wondering if all the liberalization of blocking rules and pass patterns that if we are becoming like dinosaurs.extinct. Our team prides itself on its physical style of offense and beating up a defense, but it seems that if you throw the ball 30 times a game and run outside zone you can just flat out tackle the DL........ This may sound like sour grapes, but is there a way that the Wing T can take advantage of these rules?

    As a side note we have had the most success in the schools run in the last 5 years since going full delaware wing t and I owe it to the order as we have set record after record. I just wonder if there is some way to take advantage of this "basketball on grass"

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    I have nothing to offer other than to say I share your frustrations. It seems like we should be at least changing the way we teach fundamentals because the liberties they are taking with the rules are making our old hands inside, flat back way of doing things not as effective as the things that were against the rules 10 years ago. And still I say, there is nothing quite like seeing 5-6 HS offensive linemen firing off simultaneously, low and hard, and moving the LOS back 3 yards.

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    i thought our coaching staff was the only team to think this way. i agree with you 100% that spread teams are permitted to do things differently according to the refs.

    This year we played an extremely athletic team for the conference championship. They ran the spread. After going over their film, we documented 12 plays where they either scored or had a big play on a pass where at least one offensive linemen was down field at least 4 yards. On one play,they ran zone, and kept it and took about 8 steps- he then stopped and tossed the ball to the receiver in the endzone. They had 3 linemen ten yards down field in the endzone!!!

    Another example is the hurry offense. I am shocked how many times they have players not set for a second but snap the ball and get away with it

    My final gripe is when you run jet from the gun, the playside tackle MUST hold the DE. If he does not and the 5 tech is coached well, he will stretch the play. If you don't believe me, pay attention today in the NCAA. It is never called. Under center is a faster play and can work with LEGAL blocking.

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    LOL well this might be going ina different tangent than I thought but I see your points guys...In our playoff game they cut our guards the first 3 series onbuck effectively killin that playwhen I TOLD THE REFS BEFORE THE GAME THEY CANNOT DO set match....yet their OT pretty much just mated with my DEs all night

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    Just my humble opinion:
    If I am understanding your posts correctly, you guys are discussing the POINT CONCEPT in spread offense. This is done because they are in the gun and the distance the QB gets gives him he opportunity to either run or throw the ball on each play. If I am understanding it correctly then here is my humble opinion:
    1. Wing t is not just a formation or a group of plays.
    2. It is an order of football.
    3. The order for us is simple: flank them and then adjust from there. This is done under center or gun.

    Wing t is not just a formation:
    Spreading people out with formations does not just mean spread. Auburn is proof of such examples. They spread, but very much use a wing t philosophy. Run this play and then adjust. Many times they use the same play over and over and over and Malazahn has said himself they do not stop If they do not stop it. Then call another play based on how they stop the original play. Sounds like WING T to me?

    Order of football:
    1. Create one from any formation you like. Start with one play and expand based on defensive responses. This can be done from spread, gun wing or even under center. Here is an example:
    A. Belly from spread and then have an outside run if 5 tech closes the B GAP to stop belly (BUCKSWEEP).
    B. You could have it built in on the base play to Include a point concept if ILB is blitzing or read FS at the same time.
    Run belly but tell QB to read FS if he comes up the field to support belly pull it and throw it. It does not have to be zone scheme. Belly requires the ISO block of the WB OR BB he can go downfield legally. Teach backside scoop on the backside and you have the same point concept spread teams are using as well.
    C. Numbers not there on the outside throw quick screen game every time and Now you have their screen game as well.

    I think the real key is not looking like a wing t team per say, but rather just simply having an order of football, so that you know what to call and when to call it. An understanding of formations and shifts utilization that presents advantages in numbers and keeping the base play intact despite defensive efforts. Unfortunately or fortunately however you want to look at it. We had a very bad season this year and this presented an opportunity for us to go to the above philosophy. Which we did in our last two games and it provided us a great deal of offense and yards. Despite the fact we could not throw the ball. Not kidding could not throw ball means he could not throw the ball even when they were wide open. We completed 6 passes all year!!!
    Part of the reason we run a wing t offense is because we typically do not get the personnel to run spread offenses. To be honest I have had 1 quarterback over the last 10 years who could be in such a scheme and I am still waiting for those receivers. What I love most about wing t is we can play and be effective no matter what we have QB or receiver and god knows how the injury bug is going to effect you from year to year, but one thing no matter what may happen to my team prior or during the season...wing t allows me to compete. This is a point no matter how much desire I have to run another offense that I pound home. Great schemes, but do I have the kids to do it.

    Rich Rodriquez spoke at a clinic one time many years ago and stated that the real reason he was in the spread was because no matter what the defense did he could fix his offense. For me I know I can fix my wing t offense when defenses start to attack etc. this what I truly love about wing t and it's order of football. It has the fixes that Rich Rod is talking about. It not a grab bag of plays, but a systematic order that coaches practice and instill in player that all of us know are basically fixes. Be careful to start grab bagging.

    Whenever I see and offense do some great things against us. I look to my defensive answers not to my offensive scheme. Here is something that realize every year. When we are at our best is when teams can not stop our run game. It is the best defense we have against all of those wonderful schemes out there. Because the bottom line is when you have the ball that scheme is on the sideline.

    Good luck to all of you and the very best
    Coach Wright

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    Excellent post Coach Wright. I completely agree with what you are saying. Our system allows us to slow down the game and physically grind teams down. It also allows us to play at warp speed and exhaust defenses with jet and rocket. I feel that the wing t allows us to play to our strength while attacking the other team's weaknesses. It depends on how you need to play to win. We are a small school that has players that have to play both ways and so do most schools that we play. At larger schools it may not have the same effect but it does for us. The other thing to remember is that sometimes their "johnnies" are just better than your "joes".

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    Coach Wright,

    Outstanding post! I would like to echo you thoughts, still waiting on that spread QB and receivers. This season we were mediocre. Just before the last game of the season we lose our #2 QB. Being a small school, #3 is who ever isn't on the field. Not having time to teach footwork, we put our right HB(smart player) at QB (3 yards off the ball) and showed him which way to turn to give the ball and how to ride on Belly/Down. We lined up in Pistol formation (put the FB at 5 yards), still called it 100 so the other kids didn't have to change. Still used Red/Blue, Loose, 300/700. But we were still WING T through and through. It went well, because we stayed with the order of football.

    I would absolutely agree that the formation doesn't make the offense(see above), taking what the defense gives you does (order of football). We ran Jet, Buck Sweep, Trap, Down, Down Option, Belly, Belly Option, Tackle Trap, Waggle, Counter XX just as if we were under center.

    I also strongly agree why we run Wing T. Again we do not have spread (track athletes) or BIG offensive linemen. We play within the system. It helps us stay in games and control the ball when necessary. I can't imagine running anything else!
    Coach Woods
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    For we walk by faith, not by sight.
    2 Corinthians 5:7

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