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    Anyone running this pass and obviously Coach Erd,

    I need some help with the coaching of the crossers.

    what aiming points and depth do you teach the crossing HB and at what depth do you want the crossing WB?

    I know the QB reads the flat defender high-low of that backer correct?
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    The wing aims for a point 15 yds deep over where a TE would align backside. The crossing HB/FB would usually come under the LB's. Obviously if there is a blitz he would be over the LB's and would probably be getting the ball quickly. The SE backside runs a post over the top of where the wing running the diagonal would be. He should push it to 20 before going to the post. The flanker on the front side should run a 15 yard Dig...10 vertical 5 to the post then in. The HB coming under him should never be deeper than 5 so there is a 10 yard cushion between him and the Dig. You may need to vary these routes slightly for HS depending on the strength of the QB's arm and the speed of your backs and receivers.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    what formation is this run from
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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    Over the years I've run this from many formations. The last 4-5 years we were more and more Gun so we were Trips Right Gun. TE/wing Right, Flanker Right 10+ yards from the wing, SE/ Dive Back left. QB in the Gun toes at 5 from OC. QB takes a 3 step drop after the snap (equates to a 5 step drop under center) and sets 7 yards deep in B gap to the TE. Dive Back (HB or FB) has a check release assignment. It ends up 6 or 7 man protection depending on the defense. The TE stays in and blocks. Rhe QB is assigned to the #4 man to the right who is usually on the wing. If he blitzes he should hit the wing running the diagonal or the frontside Dig who will usually recognize and end up almost a skinny post. If the 2 ILB's blitz it's usually the HB running the circle or the wing on the diagonal.

    I spoke about this at the National Wing-T Clinic and several Glazier Clinics last year and will do so again next year. If my Gun Pass Game is a hot topic just let me or the clinic people know and that will be a topic. As always...any questions call or write.

    Rich Erdelyi

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