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    Talking program orientation night

    Has anyone on here ever held a "Program Orientation" night , the night before your first practice of the summer? With us being a new staff, and trying to change the culture, we thought maybe it would be good to bring the kids in and explain to them our rules & policies, expectations, where they will dress, the schedule on game day, where they put their dirty jerseys etc. etc. All those things that most kids learn from the upperclassmen but with the circus they had to deal with last year, and a new staff, maybe it would be good to actually tell or show them what to do.

    Here is the schedule we were thinking:

    4:00pm-5:30pm: Incoming Freshmen

    5:30pm-6:30pm: Sophomores & Juniors

    6:30pm-8:00pm: Seniors (includes dinner & maybe a guest speaker?)

    Orientation outline includes:
    - quick highlight film of off-season workouts

    1) Introduce coaching staff

    2) summer schedule

    3) procedure for not being able to attend workouts or practice because of illness, family vacations, etc.

    4) 2-A-days

    5) equipment care, fitting and storage **

    6) academics & study hall

    ** also during this time, I was going to have a certified rep from the company we get all of our equipment from, come and double check that each individual kid has a properly fitted helmet. We have done this in the past at my previous school and it was great. The guy made sure each kid had the right size on, the chinstrap was properly adjusted, the helmet had the necessary amount of air etc. and we had a document that stated that every kid was properly fitted by a certified expert. This was a good thing for liability purposes. Also it may just be coincidence but during the 4 years that we had this guy come in and check every kid's helmet, we maybe had 5 concussions total.

    I would appreciate any thoughts/comments/suggestions from you coaches out there. Any Pros/cons? What other topics would you cover? Should I change the format? looking forward to reading your opinions

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    I think it's a great idea. We do something similar every year. We do the whole team together, and it's more about expectations then it is about day to day stuff (we have had the same staff for several years and those things are learned through traditional ways), but the idea is similar.
    I think you hit on the important things, two things that we cover as well are:
    1. Playing Time ( go to position coach 1st etc. don't have mommy call about)
    2. Visiting the Trainer (don't self diagnose injuries, follow their procedures etc.)

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    GREAT IDEA! I also think you should include how injuries are dealt with. As far as playing time, you should also have them know what your philosophy is. I would also include discussion of steroid & supplement use. Would be great to bring an expert in.

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    Those meetings are more important then just simply doing orientation etc.. It avoids lawsuits in the future. It is critical that in addition to your above ideas that you also cover some other points as well. Here is how we approach it:
    Our football program is a three part program and the foundation is DEVELOPMENT. The other two parts are:
    2. Academics
    3. Manhood
    Then we go into depth about each part. Make sure to let both the player and parent know that this a football PROGRAM and not just another sport. That what you offer is more than just playing in games on Friday night. Your son will get the following as a result of being a member of this football program.

    Upon completion of this presentation we then go into procedure stuff you had listed in your post, but here is some advice for what I think are necessary items:
    1. Let them know you NEVER DISCUSS playing time with them.
    Because they are not experts in your field. Here is how I appprach it:
    I usually state the above and then follow it with a question to one of the parents in the audience and I ask them what they do for a living etc. and usually it's i am in construction or police or fireman or business etc. I then ask them:
    Police. Ok how would you feel if I came down to your job and watch you and when I did not agree with something you did and I came up to you and said:
    "Wow your doing that all wrong!"
    You would ask me:
    "What do you do for a living?" And I say "football coach but that does not matter because I watch LAW AND ORDER all of the time." What would you tell me sir If I said that to you about your job? The man usually says I would tell you to get out of my face or even say fxxking face. Just because you watch police work does not mean you know police work. They laugh and they get the point. Reinforce you are a PRO at what you do and will not have someone tell you who plays and besides you are there everyday all practices seeing each kid perform. They are not.

    2. Must make them aware of the dangers associated with football.
    - in accordance with the law it your responsibility as a coach to not only state this but to also have it video taped and signed in writing. We do this with a player contract that both the athlete and parent signs. On this contract it reads:
    that both my son and I have watched the training video at such and such site and understand the risks associated with football and still will allow my son to participate.
    Good luck
    Coach Wright

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    Coach Wright,

    Great post! Love point 3. Manhood. We have such a great platform to teach/coach young players to be great men. Appreciate you bringing that up.
    Coach Woods
    Classical Academy
    Escondido, CA
    For we walk by faith, not by sight.
    2 Corinthians 5:7

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