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    Looking at running Sally this year, but wondering during the game, when is the best circumstances to call the play? We will run it off jet motion as well as in 100/900.

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    Looks like this thread may have been overlooked. Although I am far from the Sally Expert,when to run Sally in a game? If you are running it off of JET, over shift/pursuit to stop Jet or aggressive pass rushing D-linemen would be a great situation for Sally. I would not run Sally if the D-linemen are slanting (sealing down hard) to the ball.
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    It is a great way to run Sally away from Jet motion. The FB can lead through the hole to account for anyone that is falling in from the back side. Delaware used to pull the TE & the spread teams pull the tackle for their Dart play, which is similar to Sally.

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    We pull the TE when running sally and sometimes pull BS tackle and TE and tag it Sally Trey...... The tackle kicks the last man on the LOS and the TE leads up. as for when to run it we watch the BS LB on toss, Buck and Jet.....when they are flying out of there we call Sally/Trey. Have avg almost 12 yds a carry on it the last 3 years (maybe call it 3 or 4 times a game)

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