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Thread: Short Yardage Offense

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    Default Short Yardage Offense


    I am looking for some ideas on how to improve my efficiency when faced with short yardage situations. I seem to run the heck out of waggle, and then mix in a bit of rocket when I'm in the red zone. In addition to this, I am really looking for any ideas on how to get dowhill fast, especially to my FB. My initial thoughts would be to line up in Spread 100/900 or 300/700 and jam in 83/87 belly and XB (with or without motion) to get a TE side look at the belly. The issue I have with this is that I find in 300/700 I end up running belly/XB almost 100% of the time and would love to break this key, especialy when outside of the red-zone Any discussion and ideas are appreciated!


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    Coach, I like the belly to both sides in this situation. However, our two best plays in third and one have been to go foot to foot out of red or blue formation and run the FB wedge and the QB sneak plays on quick counts. Unless your opponent really works on this a lot in practice, they will have a hard time stopping your forward progress.
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    I think the key is to not allow penetration whatever it is you run.

    1. Belly (rep the shit out of it.)
    2. Belly Keep (rep the heck out if it)

    when defenses see that the QB just might keep it, they become hisitant.

    3. We run a play where the wing goes in motion to the TE and kicks out the EMOLS. We run belly with the HB leading to that side. It is not a staple wing-t play, but we rep it in our short yardage period. We sometimes (when we know we are going to go for it on 4th down) release that wing into the flat and run a keep pass to him. Again, this creates doubt in the defenisve mind.

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I like the idea of running KP in short yardage, especially out of 300/700, and even going unbalanced with the WR over (right/left 300/700 for the Delaware people). Does anyone have anything special that they do with short yardage KP routes? I'd think that I'd look at this as more of a called QB run, as was stated earlier.

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    If you have a QB with decent speed run Blue 11 (Sprint Pass Right).
    Probably the best go to play with the game on the line.

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    We have been successful running a Spread 737/333 Blast and also out of what we call Slot, where we split our halfback/wing out wider.

    It's old school football -- downhill all the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcm57
    We have been successful running a Spread 737/333 Blast and also out of what we call Slot, where we split our halfback/wing out wider.

    It's old school football -- downhill all the way.
    Power scheme with the diveback kicking out EMOLS and pulling the BSG through? This sounds interesting, can you post your rules?

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    Default left 700

    go end over- or tackles over with the split end to that side. package- rocket;rocket pass;belly;t-trap counter and bootleg

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    We have out PSG/PST "on" block and have the diveback lead at POA. We do this because we don't want any penetration from the D down linemen.

    We have run this with the backside guard pulling through as well and we just tag "power" after the play call. Ex: Slot 737 Power.

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    Default 300/700 Ice Load & Quick Pitch

    We have had a tremendous amount of success over the years from the 300/700 formation (even with WR over) running a straight Iso with HB and WB leading for fullback and then when teams load up to stop that we have everyone hook block and quick pitch to the HB.

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