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    Hey Guys! Something that I'm going to talk about at the Nike Clinic in DC/NoVa next month: Tempo and the "Sugar" Huddle. We experimented with it a little last year ('14) but went full-bore with it this past fall. It caused nothing but problems for defenses!
    This all came about due to a discussion I had with a Wing T buddy in NC during the '14 season. I was watching some of his Hudl game video and was amazed at how quickly they racedto line from their huddle!! He said, "We are having a LOT of success with it cuz defenses can't get adjusted to our UNbalanced formations quick enough!" That got me thinking.
    I saw Auburn huddling near the line; clap; line spins around and boom... they're gone! So we started messing with it.
    This year the "sugar huddle" became the only huddle we used. Most of the time we went NO-huddle. We hit on something that "completed the package" when I realized that our SE didn't need to huddle at all.
    Before I would signal in the play to the backs, I pointed to the side of the field that I wanted the SE to align on. He would head to that side as he watched me signal in the play to everyone else. The other 10 were huddling right behind the LOS--- yes, THAT close! They'd break the huddle quickly, get lined up and away we'd go. There were 4-5 times that they didn't even cover our SE! The rest of the time, the defenses were simply trying to get lined up before we snapped the ball!
    I have talked about the importance of varying tempo at the Pittsburgh Wing T Clinic before. I'm sorry that I'm not going to be able to attend this year. Let me close by saying this about tempo: 3-4 years ago, everyone's hair was on fire cuz Oregon and Auburn and Texas A&M were playing sooooooooooo fast. Nobody could keep up. Welllllllllll... 4 years later, you don't hear much about it anymore. Why? Cuz they run at one speed! yes... it's super fast but we've learned to adjust! Try adjusting to 3 different tempo's! Now... that's a problem!!!
    Blessings, Lew

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    In your Sugar Huddle are you using code words or numbers to call in plays? I imagine being that close to the line you can't simply say, Jet Right. Also, are you shifting out of this at all or just lining up and running the play? So for example, break the huddle, as they scramble into position, shift and force them to move again.

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    Default Sugar Huddle

    Coach: When I installed the U. of Del. system 27 years ago, the most fascinating part of Tubby's system was the Play Numbering. I couldn't believe how much information could be communicated with 3 digits! We've used it ever since. Soooooooo... 1) I hand signal in all plays from the sideline. A part of my body represents a number. (If you'd like to see that playbook page, please email me at The QB calls the same 3 digit number, breaks the huddle and we go "pedal to the metal" after that.
    We snap it "fast" a lot of times but... Yes! We do shift and motion at this tempo too.

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    Old thread but...Coach we go strong and Quick OL would that mess things up?
    Bryan Schaumloffel and

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