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Thread: Waggle with no Buck Sweep?

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    We're playing around with the idea of running Power as our off-tackle play this season, and not using the 20 series....but with hesitation. 1 issue I see is the lack of a FB trap game (unless we just run it with jet/rocket motion), but the other more important issue is WAGGLE. We love the play, have gotten a lot of production from it, and want to keep it. I have done it from jet/rocket action, and it doesn't work as well. Is there a way to marry the Power series and the waggle? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Coach: I am going to "play" on your concern about dropping the 20 series!!! Tubby wouldn't have made it the first series he installed unless it was the foundation of his offense! and... I think you're right: you can't get Waggle without running at least trap. You could boot away from power fake but... no fullback in the play side flat. It's just not the same play!
    20, 30 and 80 series are the BASICS!!! We ran 40 series (Jet plays) too. But, we always went back to 121/929 when we needed our "bread 'n butter" play!!!

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    The main reason that Delaware ran Buck Sweep is so they could run the Waggle. The only other way that I have ever seen Waggle run is by Denny Creehan, who ran it from the Belly. The FB would wind back & go into the play side flat like he does with the regular Waggle.

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    Jim, have you ever run Waggle off of the 80s series? I've seen teams do that but they lose the FB in the flat.

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    I have tried it & you might lose the FB but the drag is very good, especially if you run it to the TE/Wing or Slot/SE. The HB from a dive back position is forgotten & when he drags across the field, he is wide open. The LB sell out to the flow of the Belly play & really have to scramble to recover.

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    This is the exact reason I was looking at that Power Boot I was tinkering with. However, with the help of Lew and Glen McNew's convincing, I think we're just going to stick with Buck.

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    Coach Fenwick,

    We were a big Belly team last year and still had Buck Series in our arsenal. When a defense reads backs, the 20 series backfield action really puts them in a bind when we "Waggle" off the action.

    Coach Schelb,

    We did run Waggle of the Belly play, we never seem to really get our TE open on the Corner, but as Jim said the Dive/Wingback coming from the backside on the Drag was never accounted for.
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