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    You have talked about belly bounce and also mentioned using WBs to kick out.
    1. Can you explain what you did using flat motion- who the kicked out, etc
    2. Did you use a bigger WB or whoever you had in the game?
    Thanks for all the good info.
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    Our best short ydg play was Rip 536 Blast. Rip frm was tackles right, SE over right, TE/wing/LG left, FB/RH in backfield. If it was even front we'd double the 3 w/RG&inside OT to the Mike, outside OT on the Sam, LG&OC zone the 1 to the Will, TE on the 5, LH(wing) would come across in jet to slide motion; we'd snap the ball on Red-Set when he was in B gap and he'd have perfect inside out position to kick out the 9. The backfield ran Belly with the dive back as the lead blocker cleaning up the Sam/Mike or helping out and climbing. The SE blocked up at the hole with the QB faking Keep Pass. We also ran Blast Keep, Blast Post (drop back to the SE when FS came down hill), Blast Keep Pass.

    With the same motion and same formation we'd snap the ball on Red-Set-Go when the motion back was in the C gap and he'd log the 9 and we'd run Counter Boot...FB B gap blitz to flat, Post/Corner to an out 17-15, TE drag @ 10. We'd block down with the outside tackle and pull the inside tackle to influence and help protect the backside.

    We would get in Double Tight Rip and bring the motion back across, block down with the right wing, snap the ball on Red-Set-Go and run Belly Keep Pass...TE release inside run a corner route, motion back arrow to the flat, backside TE drag @ 10, QB break contain.

    From Red/Blue we ran a ton of Belly Slide SE. Off this we ran Slide Opposite where it looked like Belly SE but we ran a counter to the slot. The FB faked Belly, the slot ran Belly Counter steps through his dive back position, the slide back would stop in split side B gap and then return as a lead blocker to tight side A gap where the play usually hit. QB ran Belly Counter steps... reverse pivot short of the mid line, 45 over the mid line, inside HO on the 3rd step to the slot, continue faking bootleg. The line would block Sally so it looked like Tackle Trap Counter with no pullers.

    From Red/Blue we also ran a ton of Belly Slide TE. We ran a Belly Naked off of it with the slide back starting to the TE side but slipping out to the flat SE side. He was the chipper on the 5 tech if he did not take the bait. What we had on both of these plays was the slide back returning to his original side so the defense was in conflict since the play did not always go to the side of the original motion.

    We used regular people to do all of this but we could also insert "specialists" to kick out etc. When we were Double Tight Rip we often used a 3rd TE as the kick out man and also as the flat receiver on Belly Keep Pass. Many years we created a "Blast Team" with all FB's in the backfield. One year our 3rd FB was 6'1/225 and a great downhill runner but was not good at much else. He never lost a yard, lead the conference in scoring(16 TD's), and carried 35 times for like 90 yards. He only ran Blast and wedge. I tried to create roles for as many people as we could and take advantage of what they did best. We still could and did run this with regular personnel but giving people roles really helped morale. I did this as a HS coach as well.

    I did a Glazier presentation on the Use of Canadian/Slide Motion. If anyone wants it email me. As usual write or call with questions.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Coach- so from what I'm reading, you feel that a typical WB can get the kickout block because of the angle of attack. He won't be outsized??

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    I believe he can if coached properly. F=MA...force =mass x acceleration still. He doesn't have to kill the man...just get proper position, dip your hips, hit and strike on the rise. Now if he's 5'6- 125 there might be an issue. Technique and body position and desire still count. You also need companion plays to create the defensive conflict.

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. On the road doing some camps.

    Coach ERD

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