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Thread: Need Ideas For Teams Who Read Guards

  1. Default Need Ideas For Teams Who Read Guards

    Playing a team this week whos linebackers read guards. Anyone have any thoughts on how to attack? Thanks

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    What kind of a defense is it?

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    They are a 4-3 defense who inverts secondary to motion.

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    24/26 Gut
    34/36 Ct Gut
    24/26 Guards Away
    Rip/Liz 21/29 Waggle Guards Opposite
    21/29 Reverse

    If you're interested in any or all of these, email me at and I will send you the info. Please draw up the defense if you can so I can draw the plays up for you too. I am not able to do that on here for some reason.

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    We run a lot of 30's series. Here are a couple things we do.

    1. Counter XX with the OT pull kick and TE pull wrap. The full flow and no pulling G's usually gets those LB's flowing.

    2. 31-39 G's opposite. We block like Buck with WB, TE, OT all DOWN blocking. FB kicks out. Both G's pull opposite the call.

    3. Rocket G's opposite.

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    31/39 power sweep, Counter Short.
    Chris Cuomo
    Offensive Coordinator
    East Haven High School
    East Haven, CT

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    Not knowing what your base attack is here are some thoughts. JSanny gave you some great ideas if you are a base wing-T attack. I always liked Jet XX because we pulled the BST and kicked out with the FB. We used this same scheme to run our Rocket Counter and our Buck Scissors which is XX with the QB doing all the ball handling. This also allowed for the BSG to block on the 3 tech and allowed for the PSG/OC to double the shade to the Mike who we could usually get because he was frozen by the on block and the 1st HO.

    If you are a Jet team offset the FB and don't pull the PSG but pull the BSG opposite. With the FB offset you can still account for the invert with him and you have enough #'s. We also liked Jet sucker with the PSG pulling and BSG gutting. These plays will usually slow down those LB's along with what has already been mentioned. You don't need many IMO.

    As always write or call with questions. I'm always glad to help.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    If you are a bucksweep team, then GUT is by far the best play to ever put in.

    I finally put it in this year, and man did we hit some big plays on teams flying with the guards. They even got me on film a couple times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmcoach View Post
    Playing a team this week whos linebackers read guards. Anyone have any thoughts on how to attack? Thanks
    Everyone offers great ideas. I am going to offer one entirely different.
    Do not worry about it.

    Every time I hear about defenses reading guards I kind of find it humorous. As if that it is all it takes to defend this offense. Those linebackers can read those guards all they want it is not going to help them get over the top of the down blocks (what I refer to "THE WALL") or the Center/guard fill combo (what I refer to "CT SCAN").
    Stay in what you do and really fine tune the fundamentals of creating THE WALL and CT SCAN. You do these well and reading the guards does not matter.

    I feel the biggest mistake you can make as a coach is too over coach or try to change too much.

    Be careful because when you change from what it is that you do you could end up finding your kids making a lot of mistakes trying to execute the new plays when probably they would have had their best chance executing something they can execute very well.
    Just my two cents. Whatever it is worth,
    Coach Wright

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    Used Gut before and I really like that vs. teams that read guards.

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