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    For those of you who run Waggle Solid (Waggle routes with the QB pulling up and throwing the BS Post) how do you block it? Also, verbiage wise how do you call Waggle Solid so your OL knows its a different blocking scheme than break contain waggle and the QB knows who he wants to be looking at/reading.

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    Waggle Solid for us: Frontside G will pull and kick out instead of pull-pin. Backside G will slide away (just like we do for our 5 step Protection) - in essence he stays home. Frontside T and C block just like waggle, Backside T slides away.

    Our G's learn just learn that "waggle solid" and "waggle screen" are blocked this way.

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    I'll give you 2 different ways to block it and explain why. The 1st way is the PST has a Gap-Down- On rule. Vs. a 3-4 he blocks on the 5. Vs. a 4-4 and 4-3 he'll block on the 5 because the PSG would make a "home" call and block on the 2i, gap or 1 tech. Vs. a 3&5 the PST would block down on the 3. The PSG vs. a 3-4 would pull and kick out the 9 and the same vs a 3&5...pull and kick out the 5. If the A gap was threatened at all with a 2i, gap or 1 shade call "home" and block on. The BSG would pull allowing the FB to pass and set up in playside B gap looking for any delayed plug or scrape by the BSILB. If the PSG made a "home" call the BSG would continue to the flank. The OC would block On- away basically backside A vs. all but head up nose; BST would shutoff B gap for pulling guard and the faking back would have backside C. We started doing this because people were forcing us to pull up on break contain waggle and scraping the BSILB thru playside A gap. The FSILB was jumping the FB and usually the TE was open but we couldn't find him. It was a Zone Blitz before there was such a thing. So we showed break contain waggle and now we would pull up but we had everyone blocked and we told the TE to read center field and he would usually hook up behind the LB's and in front of the safeties. The wing would hook up @15 on the hash and we had a great progression SE/FB to TE/wing. If we were getting a lot of man we would run Waggle Switch where the TE&wing would switch assignments usually inducing a rub or we would run Waggle Opposite where the TE would run a diagonal 12 yards across the field, the wing would run a diagonal to center field and the FB would go thru the line and run to the opposite (TE) side away from the LB covering him.

    To the TE flank our best pattern was Waggle Dig with the same blocking priciples and the QB setting up in B gap. TE ran Flag, FB delayed flat, slot would clear through CF and the SE would run a Dig...10 vertical, 5 to the post and then straight across. It's the same pattern we were running from Twins Gun and I called it Bucksweep Throwback for those who have my video playbook.

    The way we blocked waggle solid in later years was just like a drop back pass. PSG&PST blocked Big-On-Big; FB had inside-out on the 2 LB's; OC-BSG-BST stepped playside gap and hinged so OC had playside A/hinge, BSG had backside A/hinge, BST had backside B/hinge and faking back had backside C. Waggle Solid in essence was part of our drop back pass attack so we just blocked it as such and it eliminated a lot of teaching. IMO Waggle is not really play action because the backs are doing one thing and the line another.

    Another great Waggle play for us was Waggle Block. We would line up in trips TE. The TE would release inside as on waggle and run a banana pattern to 15 yards. The flanker would run a take off. The wing would block down sealing the flank. The SE ran a drag at 10 yards. Everyone else ran break contain waggle. There was no faking back so the footwork was more of turn your back then sprint out. Usually we got a 3 level stretch with 2 guards in front of the QB. The TE was the #1 guy...difficult to cover unless the safety jumped it so this became more of a waggle run.

    This would be great for those of you running no Gun stuff and running some Jet but a lot of Buck and traditional stuff. The more you expand some things must go.

    Rich Erdelyi

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