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    Does anyone run a Rocket version of red Light? If so, how do you block it?, where's the launch point?, any other specifics? Thanks in advance for any ideas/thoughts.

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    We never did it off of Rocket but years ago we ran Power and Power Sweep by motioning the diveback to the I. It was 3 step motion and in essence was the same distance as when he motioned from the wing or slot to the diveback. We tossed the ball on Power Sweep and handed it off as the BC planted and came downhill riding him into the hole with a great keep pass off of it. I would imagine you could toss it to him simulating Rocket Sweep and leading with the FB as your iso blocker. LSU used to do this under Les Miles without the motion just a toss to the I back. We ran it on Red-Set-Go with the back going in motion on Red, snapping the ball on Go with the BC's backside foot behind the FB's outside foot. The BC could then plant on his playside foot. The 1st step of the FB was crossover @45 to be the iso blocker thus giving you a lane to pitch the ball in. The QB would reverse pivot on the midline not over the midline like he would on Rocket Sweep. As I envision it he would the boot away setting up a potential Naked Boot. There were times LSU used him as an extra lead blocker. I would not do this with my QB but that's just me. Let me know if it works.

    Rich Erdelyi

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