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    We are having some trouble getting kids to lift on a regular basis. We are a small school and most of our kids play other sports. We have the weight room open before and after school to accomodate their schedules. We have a lifter of the month award that we give out each month, but we don't feel it has added much motivation for the kids. Do any of you have any motivational ideas that you have found to be successful?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Keep repeating to starters that their starting position isn't solidified, they can be replaced. And for backups, let them know that time in the weightroom = time on the field, and let them know being a backup is something to be proud of. Ultimately it is up to them.

    Or you can make sure they are in the weightroom by setting a certain amount of days in the weightroom before they can participate in spring scrimmage. Not my #1 route but if it must be done, it must be done.

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    NOT my idea, but good stuff that might help you.

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    I've always was partial to having a leaderboard.
    Have the top three in each position group listed with their weight. It tends to be that the starters are the leaders. That's a great motivator for people who want to be starters. Also, if someone is a leader and not a starter, it's either their attitude or knowledge of the game that's preventing them from not starting. If it's an attitude thing, then think about how the younger players will believe it when you give your team rules.
    Good luck,
    Marcelo Metzelar

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    Hello Coach-
    My stuff must be getting around if I didn't even have to post our Pride Points system. We did not originate this idea, but we did tweak it from a great local HS program, Dos Palos High, and it works great for us. It takes a bit of spreadsheet work, but if you can do it, it works great.
    For the weight room part of it, we give 2 points a day. If they don't break a sweat, come late, or leave early; we only give them 1 point. If they come not dressed (jeans, street shoes), or if they are caught goofing around; we send them home and ask them to come back tomorrow ready to WORK. We don't insult or embarrass them, we just state the facts that we want to get some work done.
    We're just starting a new project, an idea I got from the Head Coach at El Dorado Hills in Placerville, CA. He calls it the "Blue & White" games. We are again tweaking and using it as inspiration. We call it the CaTT games, standing for Competition and Team Training.
    Simply, it is dividing the kids that have been coming to workouts, and every Friday we compete. We pick eight captains, they have a "fantasy draft" of kids that have been working out. When "new kids" show up, they are drafted onto a team at the beginning of every week. So right now (we're just starting this), we have 8 teams of 7 kids each.
    At the end of every workout each day, we have a small competition to end a workout session. It lasts no more than 5 minutes. This is evolving, so this week we are going to some tire flips one day, maybe some wall sits another day, maybe some indian wrestling, etc.
    On Friday, we'll have our first "challenge." Think Survivor or Biggest Loser type challenges...this Friday it will be a Weight Room challenge. We plan on competing in teams, in Bench Press burnouts, bicep burnouts, tire flip tourney, etc.
    The games don't matter as much as the two objectives...teach your kids to be competitive, and teach your kids to be good teammates- root each other on, celebrate victories, be constructive in defeat.
    The kids that we LOVE to coach aren't the kids that are the biggest or the fastest. They are the kids that will run through a wall for you and their teammates.
    As coaches, we need to foster that skill, just like we would teach leadership. Good programs develop leadership to have consistent teams year in and year out. Why not develop competitiveness and teamwork as well???

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