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    Would appreciate any suggestions/guidance on 3 step drop passing plays from Wing-T. Cut my teeth in Wing-T systems that relied heavily on run and used run to set up play action passes. Keep, Waggle, Counter passes. Our idea of "going Air Raid" was calling Sprint Pass. Lol. But as we have a young team this year and look to probably have more crucial make or break situations at ends of halves and ends of games, I'd like to be able to know two things: 1. What 3 step drop passes are a natural fit for the Wing-T (I saw one team doing 3 step with backs doing Buck series that looked interesting) and 2. How do I know what to call? By that I mean I am very steeped in Creehan's process for calling offensive running plays--Read #3, etc., Is there a similar philosophies for quick passing game?


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    Coach, our thought process in throwing the quick game is primarily based on the alignment of the CB. If they are playing very soft we want to make sure and take advantage of that and throw a hitch when we have a chance because its an easily 4-5 yards.

    From there if they the CB is taking away the hitch by alignment then we'll run Fade if we have a favorable matchup with our SE on the CB.

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    In the Delaware system, there is a 3 and 5 step game. There is a trips game also. They incorporated it with the jet sweep because the defenses could not determine between the 2. Another resource is Rich Erdelyi who is always posting on this web site. He is always on this web site. There are a few other resources but they would need to be researched through the internet. When Malen Luke was at Clarion he ran a west coast passing game and when Blair Hrovat was at Allegheny he ran a drop back game where the QB had the option to throw to one side or the other SE/TE, depending on the coverage. Both systems are worth checking out but as with Delaware, they all need to be researched through through the internet since they are no longer around. Your best an easiest resource is Rich Erdelyi. He is always glad to help.

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    I've been running a 3 step game since 1978 and learned much of it from Howard Schnellenberger. I've spoken on this topic at the Glazier Clinics which was our 1&3 step Quick Game including Play Action. The issues were the depth of the corner and guessing when to throw it. Invariably when I called 90 Hitch the corner lined up at 5 instead of 10 like he did on the previous 5 plays. The QB had to throw it away. Then we came up with "sight adjustments". You had to hope the QB/SE saw the same thing. In the mid 90's we had a game changer.

    We called Blue 90 in the huddle which was 3 step drop to the SE/slot to the right and allowed the SE to call the pattern based on the alignment of the secondary. He would then hand signal to the QB and the slot who ran the complementary pattern. Here are the situations:
    1. Corner off 10 yards...probably Cov3 run Hitch@6/slot runs a vertical seam-Signal: tap mask
    2. Corner off 5 yards outside...probably soft skinny post/slot runs arrow to flat. Signal: shake inside hand
    3. Corner off 5 yards inside...probably Cov2 or speed out/slot runs vertical seam. Signal: shake outside hand
    4. Corner press...Probably fade/slot runs vertical seam to an out @6
    Signal: wipe hand across chest

    All of these are 6 yard breaks on SE 3rd step which coincides with the 3 movements of the QB with the ball being delivered on the 4th movement. The SE has his inside foot up. We then added a backside Boot pattern so if the frontside was covered the QB would boot to the backside on his 3rd step and have a Pass/Run option with the TE responsible for C gap and usually running an option route @10 which was an out and the wing blocking down on the 9 sealing D gap for 2 counts and the pivoting running an arrow to the flat.

    We loved the Quick Game from the Gun. The QB if right handed takes a quick left/right and delivers the ball. This is for timing purposes. We liked the 90 game as described above from Friends Right Gun which gave us a single WR left and trips to the right...slot/SE/FL. This was a great way to get 1on1 with our SE. The backside Boot now was a 3 level stretch with the FL running a take-off, the SE an Out in the hole and the slot securing the 5 for 2 counts and running the arrow.

    We also ran a Quick Game in the Gun with 5 receivers out. The OL was responsible for up to 5 down linemen with the QB reading hot on the 2 LB's. We ran it mostly from Trips Right Gun...TE/Wing/FL right, SE left, Dive Back left. We called it 52 Y stick to the right. The TE ran a stick route on the ILB @6, Wing-arrow to the flat, FL-post over the top, SE-skinny post, Dive Back- flare. QB reads the ILB's. If PSILB blitzes the TE has replaced him..give him the ball. If he sits TE pivots outside keeping the ILB on his back...stick it to him if OLB takes wing...if OLB sits hit the arrow. If the left ILB blitzes hit the skinny post who replaces him...if corner undercuts hit the flare. We always have the Buck Sweep threat from this formation which is an RPO and 2 West Coast type of plays.

    If I was still coaching I'd run a Quick Game from Twins Gun. This is a big Buck Sweep/Bubble RPO formation for us as well as Belly Slide/Bubble. I'd fake the Buck and run the Twins on double slants. I see a ton of Spread teams doing this with great success.

    Under center we were faking the FB dive to the Friends trips side and hitting the slot or SE on vertical seams with the FL running a Hitch @5 as the safety valve. We usually hit the slot with the ILB biting on the FB. This was a 3 movement pass. From the same look we'd run a Bubble to the slot with the 2 outside receivers blocking #1&2 from the sideline. This was a predetermined type of RPO based on alignment with the QB taping his butt if he was going to give to the FB. We did the same thing with our FB wham play which became an inside Bubble to the FL or give to the FB based on alignment.

    We ran a 1 step game off of Jet with the QB always stepping first with his throwing foot straight back and delivering the ball. The SE ran either an inside or outside Bubble depending on alignment. If he was pressed we ran a Fade now the QB would step with his opposite foot ie. a righty would step left-right throw.

    If you want my power point of the 1&3 Step email me at it won't have the video but it will have the patterns and blocking rules. Hope this helps. Call or write with specific questions. Glad to help if I can. I'm trying to pay it forward.

    Rich Erdelyi

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks to all for your insight on this!

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